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Submitted by: coolbb22684       Ticketed: Comments: 23 (Read/Post)
I don't know what I like more, the Krylon gold interior or the diamond plating in the footwells.

Make/Model: Honda Civic   Posted by: Trooper


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#1 12-02-2004 @ 06:02:12 PM
Posted By: 89Rettagt Reply | Edit | Del
thats a nice mod there, thosestock floorpanels weigh SO much. but watch the nos, it could make them fall off.

#2 12-02-2004 @ 07:35:27 PM
Posted By: Subourbon187 Reply | Edit | Del
It's Wayne Newton's daily driver.

#3 12-03-2004 @ 09:19:36 AM
Posted By: Low-Tech Redneck Reply | Edit | Del
GOLD spray paint, DIAMOND plate, this is econo-bling!

#4 12-06-2004 @ 03:08:36 AM
Posted By: 94se Reply | Edit | Del
pizza delivery boy/pimpmobile

#5 12-13-2004 @ 03:45:54 AM
Posted By: musclecar Reply | Edit | Del
I find it really annoying when I see ricers put flames on their pieces of shit. Flames are for hot rods, not FWD econo shit boxes.

#6 12-16-2004 @ 11:53:46 AM
Posted By: civictuner06 Reply | Edit | Del
first of muscle cars aren't very cool, but i have seen exceptions, also you dont paint cars gold and you dont ever set a tach up that gay, personally i wouldn't drive or been seen near that peice i'll keep mine.

#7 12-16-2004 @ 12:31:51 PM
Posted By: moparornocar Reply | Edit | Del
Muscle cars arent cool? Maybe in your opinion, but when you are 17, your opinion doesnt really count that much anyhow. Id rather have any muscle car than some POS front wheel drive import. I dont care how much you put into a civic, the fact is, its still a civic, its still an econo-box POS. Maybe ricers should just realize that there is NO replacement for cubic inches and accept it. It is a fact that cannot be disputed. If you put the same amount of money into a 4 cylinder engine and a v8, you end up with the v8 having 2-3 times the horsepower and 4-5 times the torque. When are these 'tuners' going to realize that 300hp at 8000 rpm doesnt do you a damn bit of good on the street? Id rather have the bottom end and midrange hp and torque than top end ponies anyday.

#8 12-16-2004 @ 03:51:07 PM
Posted By: Sensekhmet Reply | Edit | Del
#7, You are right. Plus, what the hell am I supposed to do with 300HP ON THE FRONT WHEELS???
A guy was braggin' on a local TV show that his Seat (it's a car not a... uh, not a SEAT) Leon has 320HP. Then he says that it's not AWD, it's FWD. I was laughning so hard I almost fell out of my chair.

#9 12-16-2004 @ 07:04:58 PM
Posted By: DiRF Reply | Edit | Del
#8, [off topic, sorry]

Didn't Seat (pronounced Say-aht, IIRC) field a WRC car a while back? I think it was called the Seat Cordoba...

#10 12-17-2004 @ 08:32:22 AM
Posted By: Sensekhmet Reply | Edit | Del
#9, Yes. It was even worse than Skoda Octavia WRC car. The Octavia had at least SOME good points, like sturdyness.

#11 12-17-2004 @ 11:52:24 AM
Posted By: civictuner06 Reply | Edit | Del
well moparornocar im sure that there are alot of civics out there that are capable of beating american muscle not all ricers are slow.

#12 12-17-2004 @ 11:54:14 AM
Posted By: civictuner06 Reply | Edit | Del
so you are trying say that only front wheel drive cars suck so then that means that a skyline doesn't count then.....right? Even stock it could smoke alot of american made cars

#13 12-17-2004 @ 12:41:46 PM
Posted By: Skid Reply | Edit | Del
#11, There are some decently fast Hondas out there, but Hondas are NEVER practical to build. Less than $1000 in a 4.9 liter Mustang will get you 12 second quarter miles. Let's not even get into what it costs to get a Honda to run 12s...I've never even heard of one that runs 12s without turbos, and turbocharging an engine is NOT cheap.

No one says you have to like musclecars; everyone has their own preferences. But when you say that this car isn't cool: http://musclecarcalendar.com/Featur...ustang/JT13.jpg

....Then say this one is cool: http://www.meanstreet.net/BODYKITPI..._2dr_1615_1.jpg

Sorry, you'd only be fooling yourself. And maybe a few super rice fanatics.

#12, Ricers always brag about the Skyline. Honestly, they aren't that impressive.

#14 12-17-2004 @ 02:09:10 PM
Posted By: moparornocar Reply | Edit | Del
Right on skid.

As far as what i think of Hondas, they are all wretched piles of garbage. I dont care how much you build one up, like i said, you take a civic and put 10 grand into it, and ill take a 1970 dodge challenger and put 10 grand into it and we will see which one is faster. And as for Skylines, I dont really care how fast a stock skyline is, they are still rice burning junk. You would have to spend close to, if not more than 100 grand to get a new one into this country, and for that amount of cash, ill just go buy a Viper or Ford GT and wipe my ass with your Skyline.

#15 12-17-2004 @ 04:22:48 PM
Posted By: DA_MAISTA Reply | Edit | Del
#14, I would guess you could buy 4 to 5 Civics for one 1970 Challenger...

#16 12-17-2004 @ 04:24:15 PM
Posted By: Sensekhmet Reply | Edit | Del
#12, Jesus, a Skyline. Well, a Ferrari would be faster.

#17 12-17-2004 @ 07:53:19 PM
Posted By: DiRF Reply | Edit | Del
#12, When arguing against someone bashing front-wheel drive, you bring up the Skyline, which is offered in RWD and AWD drivetrains... wtf?

#18 12-17-2004 @ 09:19:12 PM
Posted By: SurfingPhD Reply | Edit | Del
skylines=expensive as a mother to ship over, then I'd like to see you uncoordinated people drive a right drive car (driver seat=right seat),but I guess you guys have tons of coordination, I mean, what person that doesn't have super powers can turn the car off while the window wipers are still up. Give me the money you dump into your rice pieces of shit, and an american car (camaro, mustang. etc. from any year) and we shall race, I'll let you run forced induction, I'll go naturally aspirated...You know what, screw that, I'll race you in my pick up, go ahead, ask what kinda truck.

#19 12-17-2004 @ 09:57:19 PM
Posted By: solid_snake Reply | Edit | Del
...go you...

#20 12-18-2004 @ 01:13:55 AM
Posted By: musclecar Reply | Edit | Del
The only thing that rice burners are faster than are OTHER rice burners. When ricers have nothing intelligent to say to defend their cars, they bring up cars THEY DON'T HAVE, like a skyline. It's funny, I'll dispute with a ricer that my Chevelle is faster than their civic and they'll say something like "well it would get smoked by a skyline", and I'm just like, "well, do you own a skyline?? You bring up another car that you DON'T OWN to defend the piece of shit you do own". I'm 28, and I have been driving musclecars since I was 18, and I think I can count on one hand how many ricers in all those years actually had the balls to challenge me, AND lose. On the internet, ricers talk real big against american muscle, but hardly ever have the balls to put their car where their mouth is.

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