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Submitted by: trevorcfvfd       Ticketed: Comments: 6 (Read/Post)
Have you ever been curious about what a car in the "muscle zone" might look like? What make/model might one of these cars be and most importantly, how much excess plastic will this car have bolted to it. Well here's your golden opportunity. Thank me later for putting an end to your sleepless nights.

Make/Model: Ford Probe   Posted by: Trooper


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#1 11-04-2004 @ 09:52:45 AM
Posted By: StreetRicer Reply | Edit | Del
"Altered Image" is right, you have to be in a "Altered State of Mind" to do this to your car. Or maybe Troop is messing with our minds... He might have altered the image before he posted it just to give us a post Halloween scare and left clues for us to figure it out.

#2 11-04-2004 @ 10:48:44 AM
Posted By: Low-Tech Redneck Reply | Edit | Del
I love how all these guys get racing seats, for both themselves and thier passengers, like it's a law of the universe or somthing that you just CANT be fast unless you don't have your stock seats anymore

#3 11-05-2004 @ 06:03:25 AM
Posted By: phoenixrising Reply | Edit | Del
I'll show the owner "altered image" with the use of a shot gun. He'll see what his car looks like with 99 bellybuttons.

#4 11-05-2004 @ 11:57:08 AM
Posted By: rice_reaper Reply | Edit | Del
#3, WHAT? it says muscle zone? Who does this dick think he is. I belive the defination of muscle has nothing to do with rice. I should fill this thing with some high quality .44 bullets that should give him a wakeup call

[Edited by rice_reaper on 11-05-2004 @ 12:00:58 PM]

#5 10-01-2007 @ 12:52:57 AM
Posted By: montegofreak1369 Reply | Edit | Del
#4, Nah, you don't want to waste a valuable resource like lead on that.

#6 10-03-2007 @ 12:53:51 PM
Posted By: chuckmuck Reply | Edit | Del
ANAL Probe?

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