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Submitted by: Jimmy B.       Ticketed: Comments: 4 (Read/Post)
Ran across this bright boy last night and happened to have the digicam along. This is a "convertible", or at least the cut-off-the-roof half of the job. Dude parked it in the movie theater lot and left it sitting in the (rare in San Diego) rain. Especially cute are the C-pillar and windshield stumps, which are filled with some black (painted) putty.


Make/Model: Dodge Neon   Posted by: Trooper


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#1 11-03-2004 @ 10:20:34 PM
Posted By: 427 Vette Reply | Edit | Del
can you say "Death Trap"

#2 11-04-2004 @ 08:48:02 AM
Posted By: SmooveB Reply | Edit | Del
This is a good example of WHITE RICE................................


Heh, I just had to say it.

[Edited by SmooveB on 11-04-2004 @ 08:48:21 AM]

#3 11-04-2004 @ 10:02:08 AM
Posted By: StreetRicer Reply | Edit | Del
This could be a new thing here at Ricecop.com, Pop-Up Rice, its just like Pop-Up Video from VH1, only we get info on the eXtReMe "performance" (aka visual) mods done to the car.

#4 11-04-2004 @ 10:53:34 AM
Posted By: Low-Tech Redneck Reply | Edit | Del
I was wrong, looks like springs aren't the only thing riceboy will take a Milwalkee sawzall to without thinking about it.....

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