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Here are some pictures I recently received along with comments each person had on their pictures.

Hey, nice page, just wanted to let you have pictures of this shitty CRX I saw in the parking lot at my school. Of course, horrible colors yellow and red are used on this car (red - mirrors) (yellow - inside door openers) plus this car looks like it went through a volcanic eruption. I would also like to point out one thing that you may not notice; after the DMV let this monstrosty slip through the system and actually registered it, this moron tried to be "original" and he put the year registration on the left corner of his license plate and the month on the right side. This is California, and the correct way to put them on is month on the left, year on the right (You can tell because for 2001, the sticker color is red). I don't know if it differs state to state, but that is the rule in this state. Also, when I was taking the picture of the front of this car in my rush to get away from it, I was scared away from taking more pictures because of something I hadn't seen from the side, or the back; the giant "Fear This" windshield banner. Imagine my fright. I was parked on the right side of him, so I left a note on his right mirror saying that his car was a piece of shit, and that it should be cubed, and listed the stuff that you ticket people for.


Make/Model: Honda CRX   Posted by: Trooper


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