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Submitted by: sordid       Ticketed: Comments: 5 (Read/Post)
Looks like someone got some spray paint for their birthday. Although I'd recommend the owner ask for two cans of next year to finish up the yellow hubcap look.

Posted by: Trooper


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#1 7-31-2004 @ 03:49:13 PM
Posted By: Low-Tech Redneck Reply | Edit | Del
Bonus points for not getting overspray on the tires, that brings his total points for this "ride" up to -394

#2 8-01-2004 @ 04:46:29 PM
Posted By: redrx8 Reply | Edit | Del
the only thing this car is missing is a super street windshield decal and a nos sticker somewhere on the right quarter panel.

#3 8-01-2004 @ 10:24:39 PM
Posted By: Low-Tech Redneck Reply | Edit | Del
#2, Maybe this is one of those rare cases where he's not going to put the sticker on untill he's actualy installed the parts?

nah, it's probably stuck on the interior somewhere...

#4 8-02-2004 @ 11:11:40 PM
Posted By: Skid Reply | Edit | Del
This bad boy is all business. A certain recipe for budget speed is to take a plebian Nissan Pulsar and do nothing more than add lots of yellow. Chrome wheels, fake brake rotors, and a radio tower wing may have to wait for better days, but it will be quite the speed demon in the meantime.

#5 8-03-2004 @ 05:56:34 PM
Posted By: musclecar Reply | Edit | Del
Another example of color blind "Brown Rice".

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