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Submitted by: Chase C.       Ticketed: Comments: 10 (Read/Post)
Chase C: I nabbed this ricer in Milledgeville GA. When i saw it i couldnt believe how
blatant it was. I mean it has the altezzas and everything. This civic even
has a Skyline GTR badge on the back(horrible debadging job, left scuffs on
the car). I feel like its worthy of ricer status.

Make/Model: Honda Civic   Posted by: Trooper


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#1 7-05-2004 @ 12:49:19 PM
Posted By: lennier Reply | Edit | Del
Yas, that says DX on it.. less than 130 hp again. When will they ever learn.

#2 7-06-2004 @ 02:40:57 AM
Posted By: musclecar Reply | Edit | Del
Since when does a Civic Dx have dual exhaust? If you want a real dual exhaust with power, GET A V8!

#3 7-13-2004 @ 12:39:26 PM
Posted By: faded memory Reply | Edit | Del
i agree with musclecar.

#4 2-21-2005 @ 01:38:32 AM
Posted By: 99neon Reply | Edit | Del
Also, since when does two mufflers equal dual exhaust? Seriously doubt this POS has 2 cats on it.

#5 2-21-2005 @ 04:30:18 AM
Posted By: Gearcat Reply | Edit | Del
Two mufflers equals "dual OUTLET exhaust".

#6 2-21-2005 @ 09:39:56 AM
Posted By: moparornocar Reply | Edit | Del
if you look close, you can see that the pipe on the drivers side is clean inside while the passanger side one is all carboned up, the drivers side one isnt even hooked up, its just there for looks.

#7 2-21-2005 @ 10:53:27 AM
Posted By: Metalhead2003 Reply | Edit | Del
AH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! I want a "dual exaust" system that doesn't work on one side... Oh and why the hell would you put dual exaust on a Honda?! I doubt it has enough HP worthy of even sporting that kind of parts. I smell engine trouble on the way...

#8 2-21-2005 @ 07:03:25 PM
Posted By: 89Rettagt Reply | Edit | Del
#7, um, we established that it wasnt a true dual exhaust. and the number of exhaust outlets wont cause any damage. why would there be engine trouble?
p.s the s2000 has dual exhaust. but then again this is no s2000.

#9 2-21-2005 @ 11:44:06 PM
Posted By: Metalhead2003 Reply | Edit | Del
#8, 4 cylinders need more backpressure than any other motor, and if you open them up too much, you burn oil and end up burning up the rings and valves (dual or not). The only way there will be no damage is if the motor is actually putting out enough horsepower to need the extra outlet diameter. I know this cuz I know many people that have had this problem (opening the exaust without the HP to accomodate it). That's why the s2000 has the dual exaust... Disregard my engine trouble remark, cuz now that i look at it more, it looks like the stock exaust with a freggin tip...

#10 2-22-2005 @ 03:36:50 PM
Posted By: TheHellWithRicers Reply | Edit | Del
Holy shit. Thats funny as hell. I am from Milledgeville, GA, and I have been waiting for the day that someone takes a picture of all the piece of shit ricers flying around that town. Milledgeville is known for it's dumbasses, and the owner of that car just proved my point. Not a way to represent...

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