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Here's an email someone sent in about the Mustang mentioned in the 10/27 update and the 10/19 update.

Regarding the blacked-out Mustang in the 10/27 update, you missed a subtle but very offensive point. Despite the abundance of SVT badges the car is not and will never be a Cobra. Why?
1) Those black wheels are base GT / optional V6 16"x7" models.
2) The hood cowl is from a GT or V6 not a Cobra. The Cobra cowl is contoured differently and has different "nostrils".
3) Nobody replaces the Cobra front bumper with anything. It is probably the best bumper available for any SN95 Mustang.
4) If the rear bumper doesn't read "COBRA" (can't tell from the picture) then that's another tip off.
5) I couldn't tell if the car had factory fog lights in the silly looking bumper. If it doesn't it is very likely a V6 model unless they were just left out.

So, this car is either a GT or V6. I'm betting V6 all the way as most riced out Mustangs are generally V6's (why buy the GT when you can "modify" a V6 and make it as "good" as a GT). I'd also wager that the dual exhaust is fake. Whatever the case, this car is faker than a Civic Type-R DX VTEC SiR with an automatic transmission.
Posted by: Trooper


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