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Submitted by: NerfHerder       Ticketed: Comments: 25 (Read/Post)
What the hell is this?

Make/Model: Honda Civic   Posted by: Trooper


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#1 10-23-2003 @ 07:38:33 PM
Posted By: SacrifRICE Reply | Edit | Del
gah...they just keep getting worse and worse

#2 10-24-2003 @ 11:18:55 PM
Posted By: 427 Vette Reply | Edit | Del
My thoughts exactly "What the hell is this?"

#3 10-27-2003 @ 09:58:20 AM
Posted By: MxCx Reply | Edit | Del
#2, That's a vacuum at a gas station.

#4 10-28-2003 @ 09:44:19 AM
Posted By: Fel Reply | Edit | Del
That's mobile diving board. He backs up to a swimming pool and lets the kids dive off his rear wing. Fantastic idea, surprised more people aren't doing it...

#5 10-30-2003 @ 10:30:36 AM
Posted By: tbirder Reply | Edit | Del
That's not rice...nub's It's Top Fuel wanna be... but he can't afford the parachute!

#6 10-30-2003 @ 06:37:12 PM
Posted By: Officer Rabbit Reply | Edit | Del
this guy is trying to take off like hes in the air force... oh wait they have a policy against gays

#7 11-01-2003 @ 01:21:17 AM
Posted By: habitatsk8r392 Reply | Edit | Del
yes, i'm sure he's gay just cause he drives a purple car. [/sarcasm]

#8 11-07-2003 @ 08:56:20 PM
Posted By: Asakha Reply | Edit | Del
At least, top fuel put the wing over the wheels, not 5 feet behind them. I've often said that ricer's wing where to slow them down, lifting the front wheel over 100mph (if they reach it), but with this one, it's not even a joke anymore !

#9 11-07-2003 @ 11:46:54 PM
Posted By: SuperDave479 Reply | Edit | Del

That's an oxymoron if I ever heard one.

#10 11-08-2003 @ 02:01:41 AM
Posted By: Obsidian Reply | Edit | Del
#9, is there something worse than an oxymoron?

#11 11-24-2003 @ 05:14:46 PM
Posted By: Cobra Kid Reply | Edit | Del
he put a wheelie bar upside down on his trunk and attached a spoiler onto it

#12 12-14-2003 @ 03:26:08 AM
Posted By: MetalAudi Reply | Edit | Del
is this guy serious?

#13 12-15-2003 @ 02:04:25 PM
Posted By: dude01 Reply | Edit | Del
Where's the red airplane guidelight?

#14 12-30-2003 @ 03:50:37 PM
Posted By: IHateStickers Reply | Edit | Del
OMG what are stupid kids thinking of these days. I hope that is a joke if not someone kill that person

#15 1-09-2004 @ 06:00:53 AM
Posted By: Bronze Reply | Edit | Del
Parts vender packed and shipped the wheelie bar and the spoiler in the same box providing quite the quandry for Confused Ricer Boy on ecstacy.

#16 1-24-2004 @ 12:15:33 AM
Posted By: MexiPatrol Reply | Edit | Del
Just because you have big wings doesnt mean that you can fly!

#17 2-08-2004 @ 04:45:20 PM
Posted By: musclecar Reply | Edit | Del
What can be said about this....this ..well, I guess it's a car. The idiot that drives this thing is just advertising what a complete fucking moron he is. I just chuckle and shake my head at what some people call "cool mods". Well of course he's gonna have a wheelie bar upside down on top of his trunk, it's not like he can get any use out of a wheelie bar in that piece of shit if he used it correctly!! LOL. TO THE OWNER OF THAT PIECE OF SHIT, YOU ARE A JACKASS, PEOPLE ARE LAUGHING AT YOU, NOT WITH YOU, AND IF PEOPLE ACTUALLY TELL YOU YOUR CAR IS COOL, THEN 1. THERE JUST AS STUPID AS YOU OR 2. THEY DON'T HAVE THE BALLS TO TELL YOU YOUR A FUCKING JOKE.

[Edited by musclecar on 2-08-2004 @ 04:48:59 PM]

#18 4-28-2004 @ 08:25:09 PM
Posted By: Litto-Anti-Rice-babe Reply | Edit | Del
You know..im really starting to think that police should make those stupid fucking 2 foot long wings illegal...anyone agree? All they do is look stupid..why make this place look any worse?!

#19 6-04-2004 @ 09:06:07 AM
Posted By: rice_reaper Reply | Edit | Del
Ya know wht it is. ITS A HUNK OF JAPANESE CRAP

#20 6-06-2004 @ 02:20:03 PM
Posted By: Capafool Reply | Edit | Del
you guys have it all wrong... That thing in the back is his fucking bicycle rack. He must me an athlete jackass.

[Edited by Capafool on 6-06-2004 @ 02:20:20 PM]

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