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Submitted by: Rally Guy       Ticketed: Comments: 11 (Read/Post)
This car is SOOOO fast. I mean, it's got hood pins, racing seats, a big ass gauge mounted to the dash. That's proof enough for me. What? You don't believe me? You're just jealous. Hater.

Make/Model: Honda Civic   Posted by: Trooper


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#1 8-08-2003 @ 09:57:56 AM
Posted By: yad Reply | Edit | Del
Wow! That does look really fast. Look how he placed the front plate in the window. That might cut down on the drag, and add 20 hp! Wait, that body kit is so heavy and ugly that the HP gain wont make any difference. Good thing he has those stickers!!

#2 8-09-2003 @ 02:03:47 AM
Posted By: Low-Tech Redneck Reply | Edit | Del
I've seen cantalopes smaller than that tach, of course it's probably and automatic tranny

#3 8-09-2003 @ 09:35:39 PM
Posted By: thedude2146 Reply | Edit | Del
this car is a true ricer. nice flowers on that gargantuan bumber too!

#4 8-11-2003 @ 11:21:51 PM
Posted By: olds442riceeater Reply | Edit | Del
i hope that car has a roll bar. its looks sooo fast, it be a pity if the body twisted from all that horse power.

#5 8-27-2003 @ 09:15:14 PM
Posted By: Honda Hunter88 Reply | Edit | Del
Does a guy drive this? Knowing ricers, probably yes.

#6 9-12-2003 @ 08:19:53 PM
Posted By: i_hate_ricers Reply | Edit | Del
the only thing that I can do when i look at this is laugh..... that is one of the ugliest things that i have ever seen

#7 10-01-2003 @ 09:12:49 AM
Posted By: xV8sareBetteRx Reply | Edit | Del
Wow, that thing is the coolest car ever. I mean hell, that downforce he gets on his rear wheels to keep them from spinning from that wing is soooo smart. Yep, he's a thinker.

#8 2-25-2004 @ 08:57:08 AM
Posted By: harryshanko Reply | Edit | Del
Ok Ok lets look @ what we got here. Umm hello the black side moldings were'nt even attempted to be painted(STRIKE #1). Has only the bumper part of the body kit(STRIKE #2). And how far is his exhaust stickin further than his bumper(STRIKE #3). YEAH HE DUMB, THROUGH THIS GUY IN RICE PRISON.

[Edited by harryshanko on 2-25-2004 @ 08:58:41 AM]

#9 2-25-2004 @ 12:39:01 PM
Posted By: MxCx Reply | Edit | Del
This wouldnt look that bad without that damn wing.

#10 2-04-2005 @ 06:26:58 PM
Posted By: 427 Vette Reply | Edit | Del
*Taps cane on MxCxs head*
Hello! Mcfly? anybody home? Hello!

[Edited by 427 Vette on 2-04-2005 @ 06:27:48 PM]

#11 2-04-2005 @ 08:13:55 PM
Posted By: IloveV8s Reply | Edit | Del
Oh man... I've seen this guy and his awesome car, I saw him about 30 times just today while driving around. And its the darndest thing, everytime I see him, I swear his car is a different color. It must be one of those chameleon cars. Oh wait... it wasnt him, it was just 29 of the 431315351432453151432435143 other cookie cutter ricers out there, its like they pull these things into the body shop and go "I want it to be just like that yo!" if I was a body shop owner, I would turn these primitive morons away. Of course then I would go broke because hardly anyone wants a real car anymore. I know Honda owners are in Japan, sitting there in their 1 million dollar jacuzzi, in their 34 million dollar house, laughing as they say "har har har stupid americans will buy anything" good job dipshit, you are just like everyone else.

[Edited by IloveV8s on 2-04-2005 @ 08:16:41 PM]

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