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Submitted by: PennylessZ28       Ticketed: Comments: 11 (Read/Post)
PennylessZ28: Dear god, this was at the F-Body Farewell car show, and this kid shows up, gets out of his car and talks about his v6 that has 3 minor upgrades and he keeps breaking his rear-end in an automatic because his computer can't handle all the horsepower that 200hp v6 makes.

This car was the laughing joke of the show and I ticketed the kid in front of him, he left shortly after.

This is proof that RICE is not limited to Import owners only.

Make/Model: Pontiac Firebird   Posted by: Trooper


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#1 8-09-2003 @ 02:05:07 AM
Posted By: Low-Tech Redneck Reply | Edit | Del
Ticketing right in front of the owner? You got cajones man! As opposed to this car which has been neutered and then beat with an ugly stick

#2 8-09-2003 @ 09:37:49 PM
Posted By: thedude2146 Reply | Edit | Del
you are the man!!! excellent find!!! what a shame to the name "firebird" if u ask me. we will not stand against domestic rice by any means.

#3 8-27-2003 @ 09:00:24 PM
Posted By: Honda Hunter88 Reply | Edit | Del
I'm going to track that guy down, bend him over and shove a fart pipe up his ass for that! NOBODY Desecrates a pontiac like that! NOBODY!

#4 9-23-2003 @ 03:55:16 PM
Posted By: SuperCivic Reply | Edit | Del
wow that is the worst firebird i've ever seen in my entire life. that kid should be beat senseless.

#5 12-11-2003 @ 02:45:46 PM
Posted By: Cobra Kid Reply | Edit | Del

Great Job, PennylessZ28!
The only way to teach 'em right from wrong is to totally CRUSH their self esteem. If you do that, They'll realize that they can't make a car look better ricing it out, and they'll spend their money on real improvements to their cars.

#6 2-25-2004 @ 09:02:06 AM
Posted By: harryshanko Reply | Edit | Del
Ima have to give PENNYLESSZ28 props for doing what i think what we all would of done in that situation. GOOD ON YA BROTHA!

#7 2-25-2004 @ 12:40:25 PM
Posted By: MxCx Reply | Edit | Del
If its a V6, this is fine by me, but if under that hood lies any actual power this kid should be severely beaten.

#8 1-11-2005 @ 06:05:49 PM
Posted By: Thor294 Reply | Edit | Del
Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. WHY GOD!!! NOT A FIREBIRD! *cry*

This is what a firebird SHOULD look like


#9 10-11-2007 @ 02:42:00 AM
Posted By: montegofreak1369 Reply | Edit | Del
#4, That shouldn't take long. . . .

#10 10-11-2007 @ 02:57:13 PM
Posted By: 99neon Reply | Edit | Del
Hmmm, lets see now, how many more APC stickers can I put on here before its too many?

#11 10-13-2007 @ 06:36:46 PM
Posted By: Subourbon187 Reply | Edit | Del
To a certain type of ricer a nameplate with a strong heritage of horsepower and performance is gold, now they don't have to associate themselves with all the legions of morons tricking out their "Honduh's" and can gloat about how they own a "Firebird" even if it's only got the sub 200-horse V6 under the hood. It's all about the mystique.

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