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Submitted by: Anonymous       Ticketed: Comments: 12 (Read/Post)
Dual exhaust on a neon?

Make/Model: Dodge Neon   Posted by: Trooper


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#1 2-27-2006 @ 04:57:59 PM
Posted By: ricerocketboy Reply | Edit | Del
the only thing wrong with this, is the dual fart cans.

#2 3-01-2006 @ 01:19:46 AM
Posted By: Camaro Trooper Reply | Edit | Del
I'm sorry but it's hard to be manly in a neon lol effin homo.

#3 3-01-2006 @ 04:11:21 AM
Posted By: Gearcat Reply | Edit | Del
#2, and the stereo type of Camaro drivers is white trash chicks with big hair. (-:

#4 3-01-2006 @ 06:25:29 AM
Posted By: Camaro Trooper Reply | Edit | Del
#3, Hold on now, I ddin't come here to offend, I'm just saying the car was meant to be a female driven car, and then you got these ricers trying to make race cars of out them, sure everycar popular car has a stereotype and which I don't fit the description for a camaro, seeing how the mullet won't work on a black guy and I need to get the michael jackson sugery to be white, but I think I could easily fit into the ghetto bling bling crowd with spinner as such and big SUVs, but I chose not to waste my money in such a manner. So I apologize to all I offend, please don't shoot me.

[Edited by Camaro Trooper on 3-01-2006 @ 06:26:54 AM]

#5 3-01-2006 @ 05:09:23 PM
Posted By: Gearcat Reply | Edit | Del
#4 ... you didn't offend anyone ... just having fun. Speaking of which, one time I heard a review on the Scion Tc that said, it was for chicks with big hair who couldn't afford a Camaro. Dude, it's all in fun! You know what, I bet if you tried hard enough, you could work on a mullet. Might be a first!

#6 3-03-2006 @ 12:13:41 AM
Posted By: Subourbon187 Reply | Edit | Del
I had a mullet once, well it was kind of a faux mullet seeing as how I only shaved the sides of my head and I never really let the back grow that long. It was funny for about 5 minutes...

#7 3-03-2006 @ 12:44:04 AM
Posted By: zoomzoom Reply | Edit | Del
#3, you forgot fat. For some God awfull reason, I've seen quite a few fat chicks squeeze themselves into the drivers seat of a camaro.

#8 3-03-2006 @ 09:06:20 PM
Posted By: Low-Tech Redneck Reply | Edit | Del
The Neon, the stale white bread slice of the car world..........

#9 3-04-2006 @ 01:07:17 AM
Posted By: Gearcat Reply | Edit | Del
Although the Neon is kind of girlish in its appearance, they handle great and are pretty quick as far as economy cars go. Maybe not so durable but not as boring as a Corolla, at least.

#10 3-04-2006 @ 02:07:07 AM
Posted By: Camaro Trooper Reply | Edit | Del
As far as econoboxes go I realy like Chevy Chavalier and Cobalt SS.

#11 3-04-2006 @ 06:45:47 AM
Posted By: Gearcat Reply | Edit | Del
The Cobalt SS is a great car and let's hope that engine is durable. I know the 171 horse 2.4 should be a good one ... not so sure about the turbo 2.0, though. I would buy a new SE-R TODAY if they weren't all four doors.

#12 3-04-2006 @ 12:20:25 PM
Posted By: Camaro Trooper Reply | Edit | Del
I believe the 170HP 2.2L should be a reliable engine, and the 205 HP 2.0L Supercharged should also be reliable as long as you don't go try to imatate (however you spell that, I just woke up) a tuner and f*** up the engine, I say it should be as strong as the 3.8L 3800 Supercharged

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