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Submitted by: jreynolds       Ticketed: Comments: 5 (Read/Post)
jreynolds: Holy Shit, I didn't get to take really good pictures of this car with my digital camera, but my girl had the camcorder and she got the whole thing on video tape. This is a Toyota Echo. This guy was really proud of his car, and we got stopped at a red light and my girl got out and walked around the car, taping it from all angles. The guy in the car and his girlfriend were waving and acting like their car was really cool. Here is all the shit the car had on it. (Pictures taken in Puerto Rico)
- Clear tail lights
- Strobe lights for turn signals...so he can change lanes FAST
- "Turbo" badge on car not so equipped
- "Type R" badge on a car not so equipped
- Oversized exhaust pipe
- Oversized and pointless wing
- Outrageous body kit
- Painted rear drum brake cover
- Blue LED windshield wiper nozzles
- Stupid yellow banner on the front windshield ("Echo Racing")
- Stupid yellow banner on the rear window ("Super Street")
- Imitation Ram Air intake on hood
- Various vinyl stickers on car door of parts not bolted on
- Yellow interior

Trooper: The only thing that comes to mind when I see this is "Batmobile on crack".

Make/Model: Toyota Echo   Posted by: Trooper


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#1 1-28-2003 @ 10:09:48 PM
Posted By: Low-Tech Redneck Reply | Edit | Del
Man, This is Riceboy Denial 101, the Echo is publicly touted as a super-econobox, for high-MPG only, and yet there is one dumbass out there who thinks to himslef "Import? Thats fast yo!"

#2 2-03-2003 @ 10:45:17 PM
Posted By: SacrifRICE Reply | Edit | Del
yeah, exactly. one of my friends drives an echo, but he drives it because it gets about 40 miles to the gallon. i drove it and it was sooo slow. and, yet, here we have one truly delusional, unfortunate guy who thinks it has a turbocharger.....so depressing, and such a waste of money.

I also can't believe that somewhere in the world, there is a company that produces an "Echo Racing" sticker.

#3 2-03-2003 @ 11:03:31 PM
Posted By: Livewire Reply | Edit | Del
Wow when I grow up I hope I can have a cool car like that.

#4 2-05-2003 @ 03:47:48 PM
Posted By: Cobra Kid Reply | Edit | Del
I somehow get the feeling that it's looking at me.

#5 3-01-2003 @ 08:55:59 PM
Posted By: QueenMercades Reply | Edit | Del
Um....this guy muct have been stoned.......

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