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Submitted by: anti-friend Comments: 15 (Read/Post)
My "anti-friend" as he calls himself has come up with an anti-ricecop ticket. All the boxes are checked off already so they're not really useable but it's the thought that counts and he really luffs us.

Posted by: Trooper


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#1 12-23-2002 @ 01:42:07 AM
Posted By: chuckmuck Reply | Edit | Del
Retribution is in order, Most of the "Rusty" vehicles are older than the punk that made this.

#2 12-23-2002 @ 12:15:34 PM
Posted By: Skid Reply | Edit | Del
Isn't it funny how all riceboys sound the same?

1. I don't know where you get that we're rednecks, but we aren't. In fact, the redneck stereotype is a pretty pathetic knee-jerk reactions to the ricer stereotype.
2. Ricers do not put a lot of time and money into their cars. Bolting a lot of plastic scoops and pasting a lot of stickers to your car is not a lot of time and money. Really, though, it's too much.
3. They do NOT look better than what we drive. Obviously you think these glorified rollerskates look good. We don't. We think they're the most laughable excuses for "cars" that ever disgraced the road. That's why we laugh at them.
4. Not responding to your ticket is "cowardice"? How? We would be be afraid of you? You're nothing more to me than a few words on a computer screen. When I leave this comment and move onto the next picture, you will no longer exist to me.

Go ahead and start "redneck cop". Since it doesn't apply to any of us, none of us will give a damn.

[Edited by Skid on 12-23-2002 @ 12:16:53 PM]

#3 12-23-2002 @ 12:31:15 PM
Posted By: solid_snake Reply | Edit | Del
hmmm lets see my paint isn't faded, in fact it's quite shiney
I could go on but why bother?

#4 12-23-2002 @ 12:33:19 PM
Posted By: Obsidian Reply | Edit | Del
we may be the manortiy on the streets - but at least we aren't killing ourselves off like you are.

#5 12-23-2002 @ 09:44:02 PM
Posted By: Low-Tech Redneck Reply | Edit | Del
#2, No Rednecks on the site Skid? I feel so left out :p

#6 12-24-2002 @ 12:06:59 AM
Posted By: Maine-iac Reply | Edit | Del
We should feel special that he spent so much time creating this
(with the help of his mother)

#7 12-24-2002 @ 01:38:57 AM
Posted By: 426plymouth Reply | Edit | Del
I dont want to nit pick but....
Mind telling me what that is....

#8 12-24-2002 @ 08:27:45 PM
Posted By: NerfHerder Reply | Edit | Del
a couple of those fit perfectly with ricers, that makes rednecks ricers and ricers rednecks? to create the super RiceNeck?

#9 12-24-2002 @ 11:01:28 PM
Posted By: TinIndian Reply | Edit | Del
I have to comment. First off, is "cowardness" anything like cowardice? And more importantly, yes-I am what some would call a redneck. I live in the sticks (in a trailer park, no less). I drive a beat-ass Chevy with no exhaust, and if I owned a car worthy of painting the Confederate flag on the roof, I would. (I was born in South Carolina, and no, I'm not Klan or even slightly racist.) But I am nowhere near ignorant enough to see any of the cars on here as any better than my own, nor could I possibly see any of the riceboy ASSHOLES worthy of a ticket as "racers". I don't have any damn problem with people "spending money on somethng they love". I see it all the time at classic car shows. But what I'm assuming this guy is guilty of is "spending money on worthless shit", and I can't justify that. If this makes me a redneck, then yeee-fuckin'-haawwww.

#10 12-26-2002 @ 01:22:08 AM
Posted By: Quest_666 Reply | Edit | Del
Some Ricers Do Put Alot Of Money In There Cars. If They Choose To Pay $200 - $500 For A Wing So Damn What. Intakes $100 - $250, Exhaust $165 - $650, Headers For A 4-Cyclinder Are twice As Much For A V-8 Not @ Headers But One. I Know This For A Fact. I Have A Import And My Dad Has A '66 Chevelle SS, Muscle Or Tech It Dosn't Matter, If Its Fast Its Fast

#11 12-26-2002 @ 01:10:49 PM
Posted By: kstagger Reply | Edit | Del
hoo boy - where to start -

I have a college degree. I have a real job. I can afford any car I want to within reason. I don't drive imports. And I especially wouldn't drive a pos ricer 'modified' car. None of my cars have rust - even my '86 Monte Carlo is rust free and a helluva lot faster than your average import.

I could have bought a Honda Prelude, Eagle Talon TSi, or whatnot - but I decided to stick to V8 RWD power - why? Because it works...

My old monte will be even faster soon - and for a cheaper price than you spent on your honda.

so grow up and look around 'anti-friend' - there are better cars out there than economy cars posing as sports cars. There are better ways of spending your money. Ricers are the suckers and laughingstocks of the car enthusiast market. If you are feeling insecure, I suggest another hobby - like stamp collecting.

[Edited by kstagger on 12-26-2002 @ 01:12:46 PM]

#12 12-27-2002 @ 01:29:05 AM
Posted By: Quest_666 Reply | Edit | Del
KSTAGGER, Alothough you right about a few things, there are alot of imports that can kick ass. The Mazda RX-7, RWD, 12b Rotary Engine, Twin Turbo. Be careful when you make fun of imports for being FWD because i have a miata that runs 9s on a 1/8, its RWD, stock. But I Am Not Dissing Muscle At All, My Dad has a 73 stingray and a 66 chevelle SS

#13 12-27-2002 @ 09:15:27 AM
Posted By: kstagger Reply | Edit | Del
oh - I know... I like the 300zx twin turbo, and the RX7s --- just won't buy 'em. and your miata is RWD... FWD just sucks...

#14 12-27-2002 @ 09:51:47 AM
Posted By: Low-Tech Redneck Reply | Edit | Del
Stop by the actual message board some time, and you'd see there are a fair share of import owners who inhabit this site, if you think rice=imports, and we're all a bunch of import-haters, you misunderstand this site

#15 12-31-2002 @ 06:19:45 PM
Posted By: chuckmuck Reply | Edit | Del
OK, I take back comment #1, this ticket is pretty funny. after rereading it has no thing to do with anyone who visits this site. I dislike thoose who over decorate thier vehicles and thoose who under maintain them.

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