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Submitted by: Moose       Ticketed: Comments: 34 (Read/Post)
It's the Civic Type-R Si-R Mach 4 Super Turbo Hyper Edition. What does that long name mean you ask? It means you have a regular Civic with a bunch of fake badges and yellow crap on/in it.

Make/Model: Honda Civic   Posted by: Trooper


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#1 12-26-2002 @ 05:14:22 AM
Posted By: Zero Reply | Edit | Del
Maybe he believes with all those stickers it'll give his car a extra 50hp increase??

#2 12-27-2002 @ 01:19:55 AM
Posted By: Quest_666 Reply | Edit | Del
He's Ticketed For Racing Stripes, Their Are None. Only Ticket People For What They Have.

#3 12-27-2002 @ 08:04:00 AM
Posted By: Low-Tech Redneck Reply | Edit | Del
#2, I call those hideous pant-glob thngies down the side of the door stripes, maybe not the classic rally stripes, but sill stripes, and since riceboy will race anyone in his MaD TyTE RyDe Yo! then they're racing stripes by default

#4 12-27-2002 @ 11:30:18 AM
Posted By: Quest_666 Reply | Edit | Del
For All You Know He May Have A Bolt On Turbo Under The Hood Running 13 P.S.I. With A Oversized Intercooler. Even Though Are Does Not Suit My Taste Does Not Mean Its Not Fast

#5 12-27-2002 @ 01:15:23 PM
Posted By: Low-Tech Redneck Reply | Edit | Del
THis one isn't fast, it's a Civic hatchback with a bunch of tacky add ons, I know the guy who took the picture, (not personaly, but he told me the story) it's owned by a teenage idiot who works at an Auto Zone store, and underneath all that, it's stock, and even if it ran 11's, I'd still think it was hideous

#6 12-27-2002 @ 01:59:14 PM
Posted By: 8ate8 Reply | Edit | Del
i think quest is here to defend the riceboys.

#7 12-27-2002 @ 02:11:02 PM
Posted By: Quest_666 Reply | Edit | Del
I'm Only Defending Some Things. some Of These Car Look Like Shit Others Look Nice

#8 1-01-2003 @ 11:20:27 PM
Posted By: Moose Reply | Edit | Del
AH! my ticket! finally. Quest- it doesn't have a turbo, intercooler, etc. The racing stripes are indeed referring to the crap on the sides. And he isnt teenage, he is 20-something. His store even got robbed at gunpoint 2 weeks ago, woopieding.

#9 1-01-2003 @ 11:56:46 PM
Posted By: Moose Reply | Edit | Del
*cough* the location is not chicago, IL- its Salem, OR

#10 1-13-2003 @ 05:05:11 PM
Posted By: Cobra Kid Reply | Edit | Del
All it needs is a spoiler the size of New Hampshire and it's all out rice!!

[Edited by Cobra Kid on 1-13-2003 @ 05:05:23 PM]

#11 1-14-2003 @ 07:41:17 PM
Posted By: firebird4ever Reply | Edit | Del
'bolt on turbo running 13 P.S.I. with an oversized intercooler' Yeah, sounds like your a rice boy. Sounds like you are trying to pretend like you know what you are talking about...
1. Bolt on Turbo? Yeah all turbos technically bolt on, but do you know if you simply bolted on a turbo it would probably blow your head gaskets and cause your exhaust to melt? Turns out you have to do certain things to an engine so they will accomodate a turbo.
2. 13 P.S.I. Yeah, it sounds good, like you would be some kinda racer, but where'd you hear some guy talkin' about that at? Even know what P.S.I. stands for?
3. Oversized Intercooler? What the hell, didn't know they made 'oversized' ones now, must be some kickin shit!

Oh by the way, y'all miss me? Cause I'm back.

[Edited by firebird4ever on 1-14-2003 @ 07:42:50 PM]

#12 1-21-2003 @ 10:59:16 AM
Posted By: Cobra Kid Reply | Edit | Del
#8, I wouldn't blame anyone for holding this thing's owner at gunpoint.

#13 1-25-2003 @ 08:50:09 AM
Posted By: bigdamredneck Reply | Edit | Del
Wow this guys perfect color coordination must get him all poonanny that shit box can haul. I wonder were he that his inspiration, Martha Stewart, or maybe he's a fan of Christopher Lowells sassy interior design cues.

#14 2-01-2003 @ 04:19:37 PM
Posted By: AutobahnRacer Reply | Edit | Del
Yellow+Green=MaD TyT3 RiCe!!!

#15 6-14-2004 @ 03:33:20 AM
Posted By: yjacketr Reply | Edit | Del
#5, Hey you moron he works for schucks auto supply, before u start to call people idots get your story straight!

#16 6-14-2004 @ 03:36:13 AM
Posted By: yjacketr Reply | Edit | Del
#8, Hey moose if we ever see you white ass around this store again we will fucken beat your ass so bad you be lucky if your left alive, you cock:-) And to set the record straight this store has never gotten robbed at all. Dont believe me? Check with Salem police department. I dont know how this dumb fuck gets his info. Maybe at www.imadumbhonky.com HAHAHAHA!

[Edited by yjacketr on 6-14-2004 @ 03:41:46 AM]

#17 6-14-2004 @ 03:37:40 AM
Posted By: yjacketr Reply | Edit | Del
#12, And as for u cobra kid. I would just shoot u myself! :-)

#18 6-14-2004 @ 03:45:11 AM
Posted By: yjacketr Reply | Edit | Del
#14, DADADADA!!!!!!! I dont even know what to say to this guy the car is yellowand black, but this guy see's yellow and green and they call themselves the smart one's.

#19 6-14-2004 @ 12:26:38 PM
Posted By: rice_reaper Reply | Edit | Del
what on earth is that shit box. Fuck I wanna plant some c4 on that hunk of shit

#20 6-14-2004 @ 01:17:34 PM
Posted By: Skid Reply | Edit | Del
#15-#18: Are you trying to sound clever, or something equally "cool"? Because it isn't working.

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