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Submitted by: Dave F.       Ticketed: Comments: 5 (Read/Post)
A yellow car with two, yes, TWO yellow R's. I have a feeling that the current landspeed record is about to be destroyed.

Make/Model: Honda CRX   Posted by: Trooper


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#1 12-29-2002 @ 03:27:07 PM
Posted By: 427 Vette Reply | Edit | Del
those lights look like shit

#2 12-29-2002 @ 10:17:34 PM
Posted By: fordtacomaz Reply | Edit | Del
#1, but they're m@D tYtE y0!!!

#3 1-03-2003 @ 05:05:17 PM
Posted By: Quest_666 Reply | Edit | Del
i dont care too much for CRXs anyway. Those lights look like shit but they do have a wierd look to them. i wouldnt have them on my car but thsoe are sweet and stupid at the same time. atleast its a clean car. instead of having graphics diffrent color everything, and a huge wing. he done a nice job with paint. the yellow and black to mix nice the way he has it

#4 1-12-2003 @ 12:32:04 AM
Posted By: Biohazard Reply | Edit | Del
#1, You think this is gross, I once saw a CRX with NSX tail lights on it. NSXs are exelent cars. CRXs are crap. Believe me I know; my friend had one. He flogged the shit out of that thing cuz thats all they are good for. (Hit nice reverse donuts though) #3, I'm sorry, but there is nothing good looking about this CRX. And Im sure it can't perform for shit either.

#5 8-23-2005 @ 12:36:31 PM
Posted By: 99neon Reply | Edit | Del
So, is this a super rare double Type R then? Must be extremely valuable. Guess I shoulda payed more attention to the header description. My bad.

[Edited by 99neon on 8-23-2005 @ 12:37:39 PM]

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