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Submitted by: Anonymous Comments: 14 (Read/Post)
Rice Patrol, coming to a neighborhood near you!

Make/Model: Acura Integra   Posted by: Trooper


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#1 10-04-2002 @ 09:21:18 AM
Posted By: Internal Affairs Reply | Edit | Del
Hehe, I like it.

#2 10-10-2002 @ 08:43:14 PM
Posted By: KICKER Reply | Edit | Del
it's good but why would the rice patrol be a rice burner itself?

#3 10-11-2002 @ 12:14:56 AM
Posted By: CRacer25 Reply | Edit | Del
What in the hell makes an Acura Integra such as this one a rice burner?Is there no possible way for an Acura to not be rice to you?

[Edited by CRacer25 on 10-11-2002 @ 12:18:14 AM]

#4 10-16-2002 @ 10:10:50 PM
Posted By: Jesuz Reply | Edit | Del
Acura/honda= rice

#5 10-17-2002 @ 12:29:11 AM
Posted By: ambientFLIER Reply | Edit | Del

#6 10-17-2002 @ 12:54:56 AM
Posted By: Dr_El_Camino Reply | Edit | Del
Damn that is a ricer (look at the sissy lightbar)

#7 10-17-2002 @ 04:52:51 AM
Posted By: Jesuz Reply | Edit | Del
#5, u've got it!

#8 10-17-2002 @ 03:09:27 PM
Posted By: Internal Affairs Reply | Edit | Del
Who crashed the short bus? Sure are alot of retards in here.

[Edited by Internal Affairs on 10-17-2002 @ 03:09:58 PM]

#9 10-18-2002 @ 11:52:52 AM
Posted By: Commander_Chaos Reply | Edit | Del
ok lets get it straight
ugl rims, crazy paint scheme, decals all over, sissy ass lightbar (thanx #6), really stupid phrase on front fenders, the fact that it doesnt appear to be racing at a track its at, just trying to show itself off(although i could be wrong with this one), windshield banner= RICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#10 10-19-2002 @ 01:58:21 AM
Posted By: CRacer25 Reply | Edit | Del
Lets say someone did this kind of work to a GTO or something.Would you call it rice?I don't think so.

#11 10-19-2002 @ 10:42:18 AM
Posted By: stang392 Reply | Edit | Del
well most people that own GTOs aren't this stupid, but if they were i wouldn't call it rice as much as i would call it a waste but it still would be rice

#12 10-20-2002 @ 11:26:56 AM
Posted By: Commander_Chaos Reply | Edit | Del
why would anyone even WANT to do that with a GTO?
if i had a nice GTO i wouldnt want to be around menacing rice in a "rice patrol car"
i would stay as far away (or in front of) as possible not to funk up my car with rice cooties

#13 10-22-2002 @ 08:47:58 PM
Posted By: Internal Affairs Reply | Edit | Del
I guess it wasnt a short bus that crashed. It must have been full sized. Ok listen up you close minded bastards. This was done to be funny. It was done by people who hate ricers probably as much as you do. These guys did this at some car show to piss off the rice boys, and from what I hear, they succeeded. You laugh at all the retards that put tin foil and cardboard on their cars to poke fun at ricers, but you bash this? I dont get it.

#14 10-26-2002 @ 09:02:40 AM
Posted By: Bullitt14 Reply | Edit | Del
Hey, at least they are admitting it...

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