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Submitted by: coronad0       Ticketed: Comments: 24 (Read/Post)
This guy is all about gills. Gills and really ugly, useless body kits. Sure, it's always nice to add a little Z3 flavor to your Civic, just don't forget to replace those Honda badges with some BMW ones to complete the illusion. Also, don't forget to fill those gaping holes in the bumper with chicken wire and massive fog lights that you WILL need when you rally cross this baby.

Make/Model: Honda Civic   Posted by: Trooper


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#1 8-05-2002 @ 02:33:59 AM
Posted By: CRacer25 Reply | Edit | Del
I do kinda like the color,well,the green parts anyway.

#2 8-23-2002 @ 04:39:51 PM
Posted By: jreynolds Reply | Edit | Del
The worst thing I see on this car is the military stickers. There is no way a person who fights for America would ever do this to a car. They should consider this a form of visual terrorism. And that bumper belongs on a Mitsubishi Lancer EVO....it should stay on the EVO. The fenders belong on a BMW....They should stay on the BMW. The tail lights belong on a Toyota Alteza........guess where they should be? And another thing....what is up with "tuner" wheels having 8 lug holes instead of 4...or 10 lug holes instead of 5? Obviously these are universal parts, and should be treated like JCWhitney crap. Sorry you got ripped off, guy.....hope you like driving crap.

#3 8-27-2002 @ 01:07:19 PM
Posted By: Hyundai_Driver Reply | Edit | Del
i have seen better things fall out of a dog's ass

#4 9-03-2002 @ 12:06:45 AM
Posted By: i_hate_ricers Reply | Edit | Del
He couldn't decide what color he wanted the car so he made it 2 colors, or you know he could just be an idiot, you decide

#5 9-04-2002 @ 09:38:35 PM
Posted By: noriceprobe Reply | Edit | Del
bet that was an expensive paint job

#6 9-11-2002 @ 12:08:47 AM
Posted By: Speedfreak2.0 Reply | Edit | Del
As soon as I saw this car, my first thought was - " Maybe he ran out of liquid paper ".

#7 9-12-2002 @ 11:15:52 PM
Posted By: drexman17 Reply | Edit | Del
If hes in the military he must be from the goddamn navy

#8 10-01-2002 @ 11:01:01 AM
Posted By: Sweet Chariot Reply | Edit | Del
I understand not having enough money to paint something, my Dakota is a 1/4 primer, but to paint something half white and baby shit green, is just repulsive.

#9 12-07-2002 @ 05:03:56 AM
Posted By: d_sellers1 Reply | Edit | Del
a lot of people in the military seem to think this is the way their cars need to look. I'm stationed at Fort Hood and I see a bunch of them. Just wait until I get me a digital camera and then it's on.

#10 12-10-2002 @ 04:47:52 PM
Posted By: tanner07 Reply | Edit | Del
lol, look at the first picture (one on the very left) . is that a ricer ticket under his wiper?

#11 12-11-2002 @ 03:58:01 PM
Posted By: 78Vette Reply | Edit | Del
#7, Easy there drexman I am in the God damn Navy. I have Motor oil for blood and piss Hydrolic fluid. I risk my life on a regular basis for your punk ass, and I bet you my Blown Corvette you would rather walk up and slap a silverback gorilla than call me a Ricer/Fag to my face. I will put anyone in the "Get Right Locker" that disrespects Me, My Country, or My U.S. Navy or any other service for that matter, in front of me. If you think you can hang with me for one full work day on the flight deck of an Aircraft Carrier working in 135 degree heat in the middle of the Gulf, wearing Long pants, leather Boots, a long sleeved Turtle Neck Sweater, a Plastic Overcoat(float-coat) and a full helmet without getting killed, maimed, or just pass out from heat exhaustion, I'll shave my Back!

[Edited by 78Vette on 12-11-2002 @ 04:01:47 PM]

#12 12-14-2002 @ 04:35:33 AM
Posted By: drexman17 Reply | Edit | Del
Im a U.S. Marine, Vette. You name it I've just about done it. Im an arty that works with the grunts as a surveyor.

#13 12-16-2002 @ 06:08:22 PM
Posted By: 78Vette Reply | Edit | Del
Then you should know better. There isn't a one of us that isn't out there putting it on the line. Even the Airforce is getting a little more respect these days. I know I have done my hard time on shore in Bosnia, Nigeria, and The Gulf Region. Not to say that the boys on the ships have it any better. I don't want to sound Biased, I'll stick up for any of my armed forces bretheren. Hoo Ya!

#14 1-23-2003 @ 05:31:21 PM
Posted By: Neo Starr Reply | Edit | Del
Hmmmm....looks like Pea Soup

#15 2-01-2003 @ 04:42:38 PM
Posted By: AutobahnRacer Reply | Edit | Del
Realize NO wing!!!

These body kits come unpainted. Ass Can't Paint.

No hood either!!! These ricers are STUPID forgot the wing and hood!!!

Why not get sidevents!!!

Light doors and trunk!!

why don't he got a integra lights! Or skyline tail lights??

He is SO not MadTyte.

#16 2-03-2003 @ 09:22:23 PM
Posted By: WyldDryver17 Reply | Edit | Del
How is the car improperly lowered?

#17 3-07-2003 @ 12:32:18 AM
Posted By: cessna158 Reply | Edit | Del
I say we drop it in a lake and see if it can swim as well as it looks like it can!

#18 9-27-2003 @ 05:16:20 AM
Posted By: Blackwolf Reply | Edit | Del
Maybe if you give your car enough gills it'll run on water instead of gas? Looks like this guy is testing that theory.

#19 5-28-2005 @ 06:10:03 AM
Posted By: 99neon Reply | Edit | Del
I'm just wondering, what the hell is a Toyota Alteza? I've heard of Altezza lights, but never an actual car model. Rare European import maybe?

#20 5-28-2005 @ 10:38:16 AM
Posted By: ricerocketboy Reply | Edit | Del
#19, Lexus IS300 in it's home market.

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