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Submitted by: KidKrash       Ticketed: Comments: 10 (Read/Post)
This may be the only Hawaiian built CRX that runs on plutonium. That's definitely something to advertise to the world and be very proud of. Just don't get into an accident.

Make/Model: Honda CRX   Posted by: Trooper


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#1 8-05-2002 @ 02:32:42 AM
Posted By: CRacer25 Reply | Edit | Del
What's up with the taillights?I guess they wanted the R32 Skyline look.Too bad it doesn't work on a CRX.Too bad,too too bad.

#2 8-13-2002 @ 07:28:45 AM
Posted By: mustangpower21 Reply | Edit | Del
What the hell is with the nucluar sticker? I've been seeing that on all the riced out cars in my area latley. I even saw it on this dude riced out 2001 mustang.

#3 8-14-2002 @ 12:32:42 AM
Posted By: Mad Max Reply | Edit | Del
Well, it'd be much easier to get fuel if they'd just upgrade to a Mr. Fusion...

#4 8-23-2002 @ 04:44:29 PM
Posted By: jreynolds Reply | Edit | Del
Looks like a radioactive turd. The sticker on the back should say "Hawaian Poo." I saw those tail lights at Auto Zone the other day for like $3 each. At least he did not waste a LOT of money. If I drove a car that looked as silly as this, I would at least want it to be fast so I could get off the roads before people saw me and started peeing on me.

#5 10-12-2002 @ 01:18:37 AM
Posted By: Speedfreak2.0 Reply | Edit | Del
This CRX doesn't need plutonium. It runs on state-of-the-art VTEC. That, and a lifetime of fantasies. You do know if you believe long and hard enough about something, it will come true. Walt Disney based his entire life on that concept.

BTW - for all you VTEC believers - VTEC increases fuel economy in city conditions. It was not developed for performance. Hondas are NOT performance cars. Nissan was the pioneer of variable valve timing in the 300ZX, not Honda. You don't see them plastering VTEC anywhere do you? It was developed to make a REAL performance car more fuel efficient.

Okay? If you cried, I'm sure if you asked your mommy real nice, she'll give you a cookie.

#6 11-08-2002 @ 04:59:31 PM
Posted By: TinIndian Reply | Edit | Del
I got a couple pics today of a white ricey CRX that I'll put up on Rice or Not when they're developed. Had a banner on the back that said "half a car is better than no car at all"... I shit you not.

[Edited by TinIndian on 11-08-2002 @ 04:59:59 PM]

#7 6-09-2003 @ 06:27:11 PM
Posted By: Newuser Reply | Edit | Del
omg, you people are so stupid. You should at least know about these cars when you make fun of them. The "radio active" symbol is for Super street magizine. And you could have got him for thw rong badges too. the SiR is the JAPANESE version of the Si, now taking this into consideration, where's the steering wheel??

#8 6-10-2003 @ 10:05:29 AM
Posted By: SuperDave479 Reply | Edit | Del
#7, Believe me we know; the SiR thing almost doesn't seem worth mentioning anymore. Everybody and their brother uses that. It's been discussed MANY times on here. Sorry we don't read Super Street (the worst ricer magazine EVAR) to know that the radioactive symbol is their logo.

#9 6-11-2003 @ 12:11:44 AM
Posted By: habitatsk8r392 Reply | Edit | Del
yeah dude, import tuner is wayyyyy better

#10 9-27-2003 @ 05:20:25 AM
Posted By: Blackwolf Reply | Edit | Del
Perhaps we should give this guy some credit. After all, he's apparently ashamed at driving a CRX since he gave it Italian-style taillights.

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