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Submitted by: Anonymous       Ticketed: Comments: 4 (Read/Post)
Plywood is a homemade ricer's best friend. This car is a great example. Notice the custom grill work, gluing, and taping. All it needs is a bit of chicken wire and you're good to go. This just goes to show that you don't need a lot of money to make your car look good. All it takes is some plywood, cardboard, tape, glue, and 20 minutes of work.

Posted by: Trooper


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#1 7-25-2002 @ 01:01:06 PM
Posted By: randall0069 Reply | Edit | Del
Let's call this "Minute Rice"!

#2 7-28-2002 @ 06:35:54 PM
Posted By: MadScientistMatt Reply | Edit | Del
My first thought was that this was a Mitsubishi Cordia. Then I realized it was someone trying to impersonate a Cordia. Come on, it's not like Cordias are that expensive.

#3 7-29-2002 @ 09:39:11 AM
Posted By: NerfHerder Reply | Edit | Del
well at least you don't need to worry about the mods rusting! Now you need to worry about rotting.

#4 10-20-2002 @ 11:12:42 PM
Posted By: Speedfreak2.0 Reply | Edit | Del
Following in the British tradition of using wood in the construction of their vehicles. Classy.

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