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Submitted by: Kool-Aid       Ticketed: Comments: 16 (Read/Post)
He gets one point for not having decals all over the place. Unfortunately, that won't do much to make up for the 300 lost points.

Make/Model: Honda Civic   Posted by: Trooper


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#1 9-13-2002 @ 02:39:45 AM
Posted By: Speedfreak2.0 Reply | Edit | Del
What is the purpose of these rolling circuses? Didn't anyone ever bother to tell this guy a rear spoiler is useless, even dangerous, on a front wheel drive car? He would have done better to have mounted that wing on the hood of his car.

Now, I'm not a car guru, but I'm sure a Chevy owner would never feel the need to label his car a GMC. WTF does buddy feel his Civic gains with an Acura Badge? More idiocy?

#2 12-29-2002 @ 12:38:55 AM
Posted By: Quest_666 Reply | Edit | Del
Yes The Spoiler Is Usless. True but Most Spoilers Are. The New Camaros Have Small Spoilers, They Would Not Provide Enough Downforce For Anything.. There Just There For Looks. The Wings Is Not Oversized, Infact It Is Small But Being A Hatch Back Thats Where They Mouth Them. 2nd I Give The Guy Credit On The Rims And Hood. That Hood Prolly Cost About $650 to $800.

#3 12-29-2002 @ 12:54:06 PM
Posted By: kstagger Reply | Edit | Del
Quest_666 - most rear spoilers are 'wind tunnel tested' to see how they perform... this would be the case for the camaro. My monte ss has a small wing in the back, that was used on the Nascar circuit as is....

the wings added to compact cars do little (if anything) to help their performance - they probably make it worse.

#4 12-29-2002 @ 10:16:11 PM
Posted By: fordtacomaz Reply | Edit | Del
#2, yeah um...for the record....this car is gay and that includes the wheels and hood

#5 12-30-2002 @ 09:54:05 AM
Posted By: cbaro Reply | Edit | Del
#2, Great point, give the guy credit for not only being a douchebag but spending a lot of cash on a POS hood.

#6 12-30-2002 @ 05:56:12 PM
Posted By: Trooper Reply | Edit | Del
#2, You know that it's customary to only capitalize the first letter of a sentence, right?

#7 12-31-2002 @ 12:34:41 AM
Posted By: Quest_666 Reply | Edit | Del
It's A Habit.

#8 12-31-2002 @ 12:45:18 AM
Posted By: 8ate8 Reply | Edit | Del
how can that be a habit? unless you type newspaper headings for a living, i don't see how you can do that by default.

#9 12-31-2002 @ 12:04:46 PM
Posted By: Low-Tech Redneck Reply | Edit | Del
#2, The spoiler is useless, and granted, it's there for looks, but it doesn't look good, no spoiler looks good on a hatchback, the hood was a waste of cash, a real mod forced upon a car that can't perform well enough to use it is hardly a mod, but if this guy wants to waste a couple paychecks on it, hell it's not my money

#10 12-31-2002 @ 04:06:15 PM
Posted By: 427 Vette Reply | Edit | Del
#2, Prolly? tryin to talk likE u in da hood plaYa?

#11 12-31-2002 @ 06:11:08 PM
Posted By: Quest_666 Reply | Edit | Del
#10 What The Fuck Are You Talking About. I'm Not From The Hood. I'm Not Acting Like I Am From the Hood. So Fuck Off.

#12 12-31-2002 @ 08:08:29 PM
Posted By: 8ate8 Reply | Edit | Del
But Typing Like This Doesn't Make You Look Any Smarter, Though.

#13 1-01-2003 @ 02:53:50 PM
Posted By: Quest_666 Reply | Edit | Del
Look Damnit, Lets Just Get This Clear. I Don't Type Like This Because I Thinkk I'm From The Hood. I Don't Type Like This To Appear Smarter. I Just Type Like This Because Thats Just What I Do. Just Lay Off Man. I Think Your Harder On Me Than Some Of These Cars. Its OK Though.

#14 1-01-2003 @ 05:32:01 PM
Posted By: 8ate8 Reply | Edit | Del
it's just that i keep thinking i'm reading a newspaper headline everytime i see your comments :)

#15 1-01-2003 @ 05:34:09 PM
Posted By: 427 Vette Reply | Edit | Del
anyway, i bet this POS 1/4 time is in the high 16's-low 17's

#16 1-02-2003 @ 12:55:11 AM
Posted By: Quest_666 Reply | Edit | Del
Fine, I'll try my best to talk like this, but you are still assholes. LOL

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