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Submitted by: Bob S.       Ticketed: Comments: 8 (Read/Post)
Not only is this guy delusional, he's also is giving mixed messages. First off, there's only one reason people will be looking at this and that is to laugh at it. This guy needs to wake up and realize he's driving a Mercury Sable. Now, judging from the car this guy is so full of himself he's about ready to burst. "All eyes on me" decals, "IZONME" license plate, but then you have two "You can't see me" decals on the roof rack. How can all eyes be on this hunk of crap if according to the roof rack, you can't see it? Speaking of roof racks, you're probably wondering why a high-performance machine like this has a roof rack. Well it's a little known fact that all high-end sports cars such as Mercury Sables, Ferrari's, etc. come equipped with a roof rack right from the factory. Most owners just choose to remove it.

Make/Model: Mercury Sable   Posted by: Trooper


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#1 5-16-2002 @ 03:14:14 PM
Posted By: DiRF Reply | Edit | Del
Oh my lord...I don't even know where to begin...Trooper took care of mentioning a lot of the unbelievably stupid things on this car, I'll talk about some more...God those are the most hideous rims I have ever seen, those Integra taillights are stupid as a fox, and the "Sable SHO" lettering and "SHO" rear bumper? What a farking dumbass...

#2 5-18-2002 @ 09:17:01 AM
Posted By: rellik Reply | Edit | Del
Jee, I always thought the SHO label was a ford thang, not a Mercury thang. I guess no one can see him when his car does not even exist.

#3 5-18-2002 @ 01:42:32 PM
Posted By: CRacer25 Reply | Edit | Del
Nice park job too.

#4 5-23-2002 @ 05:05:30 PM
Posted By: ghettocdn Reply | Edit | Del
"All Eyez on u" alright! that's ugly!!!!!!!! This guy should be shot!!

#5 5-25-2002 @ 02:30:59 AM
Posted By: FV Reply | Edit | Del
Mercury Sable SHO!!! hahahahahaha!! a folgers can and integra clear taillights!! this has got to be one of the funniest/stupidest things ever. the guy is a genius.

#6 6-04-2002 @ 11:23:31 PM
Posted By: Sweet Chariot Reply | Edit | Del
Can I get some of the CRACK he is smoking, this is truly ugly

#7 9-21-2005 @ 02:20:22 PM
Posted By: Powerhungry Reply | Edit | Del
Goddamn! this f#cking car is classic. I can't belive the guy actually drives this thing in public. I would not even drive it on a dare! This car was never hot, even when it was brand new. I feel like I want to cry.

#8 9-21-2005 @ 05:16:01 PM
Posted By: Gearcat Reply | Edit | Del
#7, Just be glad you aren't forced to drive it.

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