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Submitted by: Trooper       Ticketed: Comments: 15 (Read/Post)
This guy could give a seminar in how to make an already ugly car look even worse. Also, the stickers.. think there are enough of them? It's the exact same group of stickers on all three sides to keep the weight distribution of the car balanced. If they were just on one side the car might flip over.

Email from owner:

first of all i recieved one of your tickets and im not sure why because my car is not a rice burner. second of all in the next couple of months you will see my car all over the place, including a feature in max power and on the cover of super street. if its good enough for the cover of superstreet what right do you guys have to criticize my car. by the way what does YOUR car look like? What magazine cover has your car been on? My car gets more looks than anyone elses in rochester. yep my heads big but ive earned it. ive got your attention didn't I? besides my car's faster than yours. If it isn't on the motor ill spray you.

by the way if i ever catch you near my car ill choke you.

Make/Model: Ford Focus   Posted by: Trooper


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#1 2-11-2006 @ 01:36:38 AM
Posted By: 4X4 Man Reply | Edit | Del
Well, it's not THAT ugly but it's your site. ;-)
Not much done to the car; I am disappointed at his/her lack of effort.

P.S., The owner must be proud to be getting in Super Street.

[Edited by 4X4 Man on 2-11-2006 @ 01:37:54 AM]

#2 2-11-2006 @ 03:56:31 AM
Posted By: 99neon Reply | Edit | Del
Why would Super Street even waste their time with this? Nothing special about it. Just another fugly Focus with a bunch of stickers on it.

#3 2-11-2006 @ 03:54:50 PM
Posted By: ricerocketboy Reply | Edit | Del
dude, he has vynil OVER the factory moldings. I doubt this car will be in either magazine.

#4 2-12-2006 @ 01:38:58 AM
Posted By: Camaro Trooper Reply | Edit | Del
why is this guy so proud to be on the cover of "Super Ricer" (Super Street), with his little Fuk-us(Focus), I always say people that buys these things should've focused on buying a real car, but never-the-less we should all feel threaten that he's going to use nitrous against us in a race and blow his bone stock motor, and choke us if we get near his flaming piece of shyt on wheels, the only I could ever give this guy props is if he was in a real magazine like GM HighTech Performance, but that'll never happen because he loves his flaming piece of shyt Ford. Also before I get attacked by Ford lovers I got nothing against Ford just the flaming crap they produce...just look at the Tempo.

[Edited by Camaro Trooper on 2-12-2006 @ 01:39:38 AM]

#5 2-12-2006 @ 05:19:51 AM
Posted By: Gearcat Reply | Edit | Del
Admitted, this Focus is overwrought with white vinyl, but honestly, even from the factory, focusses (Focii) handle exceptionally well.

#6 2-12-2006 @ 11:14:53 PM
Posted By: ricerocketboy Reply | Edit | Del
#4, you sounds like a GM fanboy. Grow up.

#7 2-13-2006 @ 01:12:15 AM
Posted By: 99neon Reply | Edit | Del
#6, duh, Camaro Trooper. What, do you think he drives a Pinto? I too, happen to bleed Hugger Orange. Chevy's the best, screw the rest.

#8 2-13-2006 @ 10:19:51 AM
Posted By: icecop Reply | Edit | Del
Actually I think this guy might have some serious performance in his car, I mean look at those high performance drum brakes. :p

#9 2-14-2006 @ 02:29:30 AM
Posted By: zoomzoom Reply | Edit | Del
Quote: "My car gets more looks than anyone elses in rochester." Maybe thats because they think it maybe a delivery vehical of some sort and they are trying to read the name plastered "billboard" size done the side of the car. Oh yeah: he can "choke" this!!!!

#10 2-14-2006 @ 02:33:33 AM
Posted By: zoomzoom Reply | Edit | Del
#6, hey rrb, a little rough on the guy aren't we? How many Chevy's have you owned? Like the pot calling the kettle black. :D

#11 2-14-2006 @ 04:46:00 AM
Posted By: Gearcat Reply | Edit | Del
He spelled received wrong too!

#12 2-14-2006 @ 05:14:00 AM
Posted By: zoomzoom Reply | Edit | Del
#9, Spellcheck!!! may be not maybe, vehicle not vehical and down not done. Wake up and proof read!!!!

#13 3-19-2007 @ 10:53:54 PM
Posted By: ahanix1989 Reply | Edit | Del
Since when does hatchback == performance?

#14 3-27-2007 @ 06:05:07 PM
Posted By: Disrupture Reply | Edit | Del
#13, Lancia Delta ? Renault R5 Turbo/Turbo II ? Omni GLHS ? etc, etc...

#15 3-28-2007 @ 02:30:48 AM
Posted By: Sensekhmet Reply | Edit | Del
#13, Ford Escort Cosworth, Ford Focus ST, VTS Citroens, whole bunch of different GTis and stuff, Peugeot's S16s, Audi S3, etc. etc.

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