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Submitted by: Officer Hoka       Ticketed: Comments: 6 (Read/Post)
This car and the word "sport" are a contradiction if I ever did see one. Then again there are yellow decals, yellow brake calipers, a yellow windshield banner, and a yellow steering wheel which are things only sports cars have. What a mystery!

Make/Model: Toyota Tercel   Posted by: Trooper


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#1 3-21-2002 @ 12:56:22 PM
Posted By: DiRF Reply | Edit | Del
Uhm, yeah...it might be a smart idea to fix the damage on your car before adding anything to it... It would be even smarter not to add anything to it all together, but at least fix the dents on your car first!

#2 3-22-2002 @ 11:06:52 PM
Posted By: Low-Tech Redneck Reply | Edit | Del
Considering he left it near those recycling bins, I hope the trash collectors don't assume he's trying to throw it away, they may take it!

#3 3-28-2002 @ 01:53:08 AM
Posted By: I_Love_Ricers Reply | Edit | Del
obviously you know nothing, for being a redneck... i'm a prep... and i know that bright colors are natures way of saying "get the fuck away from me or i'll kill you"... i'd kill myself if i had that car too.....

#4 4-09-2002 @ 01:48:52 PM
Posted By: Metalhead Reply | Edit | Del
He must have spent all his money on the decals. I mean, the 2-window tint is on layaway right?

#5 4-10-2002 @ 02:29:34 AM
Posted By: cuda_man Reply | Edit | Del
well cars are neither in Nature or are they friendly to Nature! being a human having a huge gun is a good way to tell other humans to "get the fuck away from me or i'll kill you"... LOL! hahahaha

#6 4-10-2002 @ 07:19:57 AM
Posted By: NOSsucks Reply | Edit | Del
Hehehe good one Cuda.

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