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A guy from the forums made this little video montage of cool car clips. Definitely worth a look, it's about 5 megs.

Here it is (right-click and "save as" to be a nice person).
Posted by: Trooper


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#1 1-15-2002 @ 04:56:18 PM
Posted By: DiRF Reply | Edit | Del
I think this video shows exactly what most fans of this website believe in. A car is meant to have fun with while DRIVING it, not just parking it and looking at it. Putting on "fish-bumper" air dams, "bookshelf" spoilers, and lowering a car to the point where you can't turn the wheels all the way hamper the possibility of having fun while driving a car. (the air-dams make you worry about driving fast over roads, and the spoilers block rearward visibility.) This website in NOT against imports, It's not against people who add performance upgrades to their compacts. This site is against people who add visual modifications to their cars that serve absolutely no purpose what-so-ever. This website is against rear spoilers on FWD cars, covering cars with stickers when you aren't sponsored by the companies or if you don't have the modifications that goes with the stickers. Don't even get me started on windshield banners.... Oh well, that was my rant, sorry everybody for its length.

#2 1-15-2002 @ 07:06:23 PM
Posted By: thatbluething Reply | Edit | Del
that guy must be a BIG drifting fan :)

#3 1-17-2002 @ 01:56:53 PM
Posted By: chkltcow Reply | Edit | Del
Something I'd love to be able to learn to do... but you've gotta admit, drifting makes for DAMN good footage :) There's nothing quite as exciting as seeing a car sliding through a turn at 40+mph with smoke pouring off the tires :)

#4 1-18-2002 @ 11:26:36 PM
Posted By: MrNilo Reply | Edit | Del
.... sex ....

And, DiRF? You hit it on the head. :)

#5 1-19-2002 @ 12:32:58 AM
Posted By: HatinOnHondas Reply | Edit | Del
Cars....sex....same thing to me actually..

#6 1-19-2002 @ 12:49:01 AM
Posted By: Jole1979 Reply | Edit | Del
how about sex in cars? Even better! :)

#7 1-19-2002 @ 01:08:27 AM
Posted By: HatinOnHondas Reply | Edit | Del
Sex in cars..RRrrRRrr..even better.. That Strattys got leather seats too..

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