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Submitted by: BenBrausen       Ticketed: Comments: 173 (Read/Post)
Here's what BenBrausen had to say: The white Honda is what the owner said "Use to be a sponsored car." It use to have a Integra engine in it but now it has the original engine back in it. You can see it has some side damage which the driver told me, "When I race, I haven't gotten a feel for where my passenger side of the car is so I smash stuff and most of the time it's other cars." This thing had about 50 pounds of tape holding it together and a 500 pound roll cage that he'd never need nor does he have the engine power with the little engine in there to pull that extra weight.

(Trooper note: Some freakshow uses this as a daily driver??)

Make/Model: Honda Accord   Posted by: Trooper


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#141 1-21-2002 @ 02:41:40 AM
Posted By: elanderholm Reply | Edit | Del
220HP civic is still FWD. Sure it can "hang" in a straight line with a stock camaro SS. But with simple bolt on mods, suspension tweaks, and some new brakes and the SS will be able to drive backwards faster then a civic in a drag race or on a actual race track. Being able to "Beat" another car is not equivalent ot having a faster 0-60 or 1/4 time. Most real road courses have over 1 1/2 mile straight aways...the only way to win a race like that is to have some HP and RWD handling....period.

#142 1-21-2002 @ 02:55:28 AM
Posted By: Geist02mds Reply | Edit | Del

#143 1-21-2002 @ 10:24:29 AM
Posted By: ambientFLIER Reply | Edit | Del
actually its very easy to make a 2200lb civic handle as nice as the camaro because of its weight...but yes, its still fwd

#144 1-21-2002 @ 12:22:33 PM
Posted By: JAX'S SILVERBABY Reply | Edit | Del
This topic will never come to an end I guess. Who cares if you can mod a Civic fast enough to beat some other fast car. Who gives a shit! You still have a Civic! So like I said who CARES!!!!!! You import guys like your imports and us domestic guys and (gals) like our domestics. That will never change. So we really could leave it at that! I'm out!

#145 1-21-2002 @ 12:23:57 PM
Posted By: elanderholm Reply | Edit | Del
I guess you could do it with AWD also, but that is added weight and complexity that you just don't need on a road course. Besides since no one is a perfect driver, being able to use the throttle to steer (in RWD) is a huge advantage. They had FWD race cars back in the day, but once the HP hit around 300HP they gave em up...because they were so dangerous. People were getting on the throttle in a corner and just plowing into the wall and dying. In a long straight a 220HP car, no matter how light, is gonna give up to much distance to win. This is show perfectly in how a camaro SS beats the S2000 (my car), both in stock form, around thunderhill. Thunderhill has a long up-hill straight away....HP will eat you up there every time. Now my favorite track is the NURBURGRING. It is 13+ miles long as is probably the best test of a cars overall track ability. Unfotunately, there are a lot of times for cars on this track, but not modded civcs or camaros. The s2000 did beat the boxster S!:)

[Edited by elanderholm on 1-21-2002 @ 12:24:40 PM]

#146 1-21-2002 @ 04:18:28 PM
Posted By: Geist02mds Reply | Edit | Del
And the Mustang GT, my best friend has one too!

#147 1-21-2002 @ 05:57:13 PM
Posted By: BigL350 Reply | Edit | Del
Has anyone ever heard of area under the curve(HP and TQ), or know the difference between peak horsepower and average horsepower? V8's have a tremedously broad powerband. No waiting for the turbo to spool up or the VTEC to kick in, and no need for N2O to get it there. That's why they're fun to drive. What fun is driving a car that doesn't reach it's patheticly weak and short powerband until 7000rpm? Weight distribution seems to be pretty difficult to grasp too. Having all the weight over the front wheels makes a car UNSTABLE during high speed cornering. As for street racing, with the thousands of roller cam 350's, many of them vortec headed, pushing around everthing from taxi cabs to work vans, and all of the dirt cheap G-body's and 3rd gen F-bodies, domestic racers will have plenty to work with for years to come.

#148 1-21-2002 @ 06:22:24 PM
Posted By: iMport-TunEr Reply | Edit | Del
last time i checked the engine in a mustang was over the front wheels.

#149 1-21-2002 @ 06:36:18 PM
Posted By: Geist02mds Reply | Edit | Del
Whats your point????

#150 1-21-2002 @ 07:55:06 PM
Posted By: AJ78TA Reply | Edit | Del
Yeah that's what I'm wondering, mustangs are rwd......

#151 1-21-2002 @ 09:14:42 PM
Posted By: iMport-TunEr Reply | Edit | Del
is it easyer to push 500lbs or pull it?

#152 1-21-2002 @ 09:57:47 PM
Posted By: Asakha Reply | Edit | Del
It's easier to push, that's why RWD are way better than FWD.

#153 1-21-2002 @ 10:01:28 PM
Posted By: iMport-TunEr Reply | Edit | Del
wrong! some1 failed physics class!

#154 1-21-2002 @ 10:06:15 PM
Posted By: thatbluething Reply | Edit | Del
why is pulling better than pushing? i'd like to know

#155 1-21-2002 @ 10:13:02 PM
Posted By: iMport-TunEr Reply | Edit | Del
its easyer not better

#156 1-21-2002 @ 11:23:50 PM
Posted By: Geist02mds Reply | Edit | Del
Now your talking, Jackass!

#157 1-22-2002 @ 12:23:24 AM
Posted By: elanderholm Reply | Edit | Del
it doesn't matter. when you are talking FWD cars it doesn't matter. The weight in a car will always shift to the back so having the rear tires propelling the car is better. and both fwd and rwd move a car by pushing against the ground. The only thing better about a smaller engine is that it can be made lighter. IF you have half the cylindars and half the displacement you can get close to about 60% of the weight. This makes a difference when building a light car and trying to keep it balanced. Also, many japenese cars have small engines because of displacement taxes...good thing we don't have those over here!

#158 1-22-2002 @ 03:01:15 AM
Posted By: iMport-TunEr Reply | Edit | Del
so wrong lmao

#159 1-22-2002 @ 11:23:36 AM
Posted By: elanderholm Reply | Edit | Del
i guess the "pulling" effect you refer to is better for driving in the snow or something. I like how you make short comments like, " which is eaiser pulling or pushing?" and then don't answer it. YOu say somethign about failing physics, but you can't explain why it is easier. The point is FWD sucks for drag racing if you are talking about running of dry pavement....period. FWD also sucks for road racing and for high speed travel. Pretty much FWD is safer at low speeds, in low HP cars, or in snow or icy conditions, but then I would rather have Four Wheel drive.

#160 1-22-2002 @ 11:28:41 AM
Posted By: elanderholm Reply | Edit | Del
here is a link for a class at a university about handling of cars. It states that during accel the weight shifts to the rear tires. So why would Front Wheel drive be good for drag racing?
The link doesn't have that much info, but i only looked for 2 minutes.

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