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Submitted by: BenBrausen       Ticketed: Comments: 173 (Read/Post)
Here's what BenBrausen had to say: The white Honda is what the owner said "Use to be a sponsored car." It use to have a Integra engine in it but now it has the original engine back in it. You can see it has some side damage which the driver told me, "When I race, I haven't gotten a feel for where my passenger side of the car is so I smash stuff and most of the time it's other cars." This thing had about 50 pounds of tape holding it together and a 500 pound roll cage that he'd never need nor does he have the engine power with the little engine in there to pull that extra weight.

(Trooper note: Some freakshow uses this as a daily driver??)

Make/Model: Honda Accord   Posted by: Trooper


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#101 1-17-2002 @ 08:53:25 PM
Posted By: elanderholm Reply | Edit | Del
motor....engine...call it whatever like. I know many gear-heads who refer to "engines" as motors.... *rolleyes*

#102 1-17-2002 @ 10:37:51 PM
Posted By: iMport-TunEr Reply | Edit | Del
liar. that aint your car lol. nice try. btw i dont drive a civic.

#103 1-17-2002 @ 11:56:13 PM
Posted By: thatbluething Reply | Edit | Del
ok sorry. motor and engine are the same :) I guess I get that from my Dad. I used to tell him "hey I'm goin to the track to break in the motor I just dropped in." and he'd be a smartass and say "do you have a long enough extension cord?" hehe

#104 1-18-2002 @ 12:13:14 AM
Posted By: mikesrt Reply | Edit | Del
I like it when Import tuner responds to something, hes got his face in everyones biz. Keep it up!! If it wasnt for him and his dumb-ass remarks then all us who actually know what we are talking about wouldnt be so amused.

#105 1-18-2002 @ 12:30:56 AM
Posted By: Geist02mds Reply | Edit | Del
iMport-TunEr you are a jackass. As I said like 20 times, Iím not saying imports are inferior. I know enough about cars to know you can get an import to move. Itís just that if I had the money burn putting a Civic in to the 12s I could put a Camaro in to the 10s. Hell, if I had that kind of money to blow on a car Iíd put a 426 in an E-body. Not that I think you comprehend any of that. But see thatís the thing. I liked Imports too, for a while. But like all god things some trendy fucker has to come along and ruin it along for everyone else. Plus I realized torque steer sucks. Then one day like the hand of god Speedvision played the history of the T/A and the AAR. One look at a 1970 Challenger was all it took. Any Jackass can hook up a import. But it takes a real man (or woman) to bring back a classic.

#106 1-18-2002 @ 04:10:44 AM
Posted By: iMport-TunEr Reply | Edit | Del
yaya, and i bet u still wear reo speedwagon t shirts. i love people that live in the past. ur probly balding and use that spray paint shit to fill it in cause u refuse to accept the fact that your bald. bla bla bla. thing is a honda will run 10's with 5 seats door panels and the spare in the trunk, ur "classic" is gutted and has 1 plastic seat

[Edited by iMport-TunEr on 1-18-2002 @ 05:35:29 AM]

#107 1-18-2002 @ 04:26:20 AM
Posted By: QuattroDude Reply | Edit | Del
Ok, Not sure what this discussion has become about, but I have to give this guy some props... This car is definately NOT rice... it's Race! There's a difference. I personally think it's cool that his car is dented to shit and parts are held on with duct tape. This is a guy who actually races his Honda... and on a race track! Yes, real racing.

So, let's give credit where credit is due. All those decals are "real" racing sponsor decals, not racer wannabe crap too. I personally must come to his defense!

#108 1-18-2002 @ 12:01:26 PM
Posted By: elanderholm Reply | Edit | Del
that is my car...I don't really care what you think. If you look at the posts you will see that it is. so what do you drive import-tuner? By the way I love how you used mix of capitals and lower-case...very original!

#109 1-18-2002 @ 01:50:22 PM
Posted By: iMport-TunEr Reply | Edit | Del
well my daily driver is a 2002 nissan altima v6. nothing great it gets out of its own way. 0-60 in 5.8, 13.9 1/4 @ 103 mph. not bad. on paper it looks to keep up with the s2000. but i doubt it does. anyways i like the 26mpg, trunk space and passanger room, not available in the s2000. oh yea and its 10,000$ cheaper. my "sunday driver" is a 1963 impala 2 door.

#110 1-18-2002 @ 02:56:20 PM
Posted By: JAX'S SILVERBABY Reply | Edit | Del
Geist02mds I like that comment you made about real men and (women) cause if you haven't figured it out I am a woman and I would be the one to get under the hood of my car and do my own mods as long as I had the tools. As a mater of fact I have helped instal mods in my finance's Phat Black Z28. It's great getting dirty and all that!!!

#111 1-18-2002 @ 04:02:48 PM
Posted By: cuda_man Reply | Edit | Del
please note that AAR Cudas and T/A Challengers the were spoken of by Geist02mds pulled .80s on the spid pad in 1970.... that's with old school tech. if the cars were slightly updated then they would handle against import easily... I'll never understand the Ricers saying American cars can't handle!

#112 1-18-2002 @ 04:27:08 PM
Posted By: BigL350 Reply | Edit | Del
Have you ever seen what a 10 second civic looks like? At that performance level, the car's are completely gutted, with just one plastic racing seat. Oh, and don't start stereotyping when you have 13" daytons, amigo.

#113 1-18-2002 @ 05:10:35 PM
Posted By: elanderholm Reply | Edit | Del
I don't care if it is cheaper! Try putting the top down in the Altima!! :)
The altima is a nice car. 26 mpg...hmm...not if you gun it like I do in the S2000 all time. HP eats gas...240HP is 240HP. Funny, how you rip on american muscle, but you own a 63 impala....self hatred is a horrible thing!! :) I get 30+ mpg on the freeway...when i'm just crusin, but in town i get about 20mpg. But i hit 9k at least 5 times a day.

#114 1-18-2002 @ 06:08:21 PM
Posted By: iMport-TunEr Reply | Edit | Del
i rip on only a few american muscle cars/trucks.. ie: dodge r/t, corvettes, some camaro's (mid. 80's) anyhow, my chevy is totaly stock except for the wheels. i have the original tires and caps, along with the original spare tire with its yellow time staind whitewall with the factory sticker still on the tread of the tiger paw. the daytons are the only wheel that look good on the car along with a 2 inch whitewall tire. the car is a classic. it has the optional under dash chrome tissue dispencer along with the original box of tissue, as well as tissue still inside. also has the original 1963 inspection sticker still on the windshield. along with the optional rear window fan defogger. my choice for the ultimate american muscle if i was to choose would have to be a 1973 pontiac T/A 455. my car is a cruiser i dont try to race rice with it. i am not blind to my cars performance..

[Edited by iMport-TunEr on 1-18-2002 @ 06:10:43 PM]

#115 1-18-2002 @ 06:57:21 PM
Posted By: thatbluething Reply | Edit | Del
wow you must be rich. they sold a 62 impala with all the factory originals like yours(tissue, tires, sticker) here at a classic car auction for $73,000. it had only 1200 original miles.

#116 1-18-2002 @ 07:26:44 PM
Posted By: iMport-TunEr Reply | Edit | Del
well, mine has 43,000 miles. i bought off of an old lady. her husband had passed away. 3800$ is what i paid for it 3 years ago. no, im not rich. FAR from it.

#117 1-19-2002 @ 01:12:43 AM
Posted By: HatinOnHondas Reply | Edit | Del
Since this discussion seems to be viewed (and argued) by a lot of people.. I decided to post my question here.. Do any of you guys know a website where I can exact hp for older style cars.. im tryin to find the HP/TQ for a 90 Mits Eclipse GS.. its the 2.0 liter.. if any of you guys could help me out id be sooooooo greatful. Thanks!

#118 1-19-2002 @ 01:25:52 AM
Posted By: Geist02mds Reply | Edit | Del
Import-Tuner you arenít wise either I'm only 21 dude. Iím just cultured. And I know what I know about cars cuz I want to not cuz I lived threw it. And Iím not bald I got a full head of locks. And also Reo is a little out of my taste I spin hardcore. But I doubt you know anything about techno. Stop trying to act like you are so smart and where all beneath you. Iíve been in to cars my whole life buddy. I didnít just see something trendy and jump on the bandwagon like you. And to all the Mustang Kids Iíve offended in the past, Iím sorry cuz you arenít nearly as annoying as iMport-TunEr!

#119 1-19-2002 @ 01:59:43 AM
Posted By: iMport-TunEr Reply | Edit | Del
ya i know what techno is, its for people that have no clue how to dance. so they put glow sticks in their mouth nose ears and ass. then jump around like retards that havent taken their medication for a week. hmmm i jump on the wagon? i drive a stock altima have never moded any of my cars, nor have the itch to... yea i guess i can see where u come from with that remark.

#120 1-19-2002 @ 02:01:38 AM
Posted By: iMport-TunEr Reply | Edit | Del
HatinOnHondas, go to www.carpoint.com at the top of the screen click on used cars, then scroll down a bit untill u see side-by-side compare. click that and your on your way.

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