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Submitted by: BenBrausen       Ticketed: Comments: 173 (Read/Post)
Here's what BenBrausen had to say: The white Honda is what the owner said "Use to be a sponsored car." It use to have a Integra engine in it but now it has the original engine back in it. You can see it has some side damage which the driver told me, "When I race, I haven't gotten a feel for where my passenger side of the car is so I smash stuff and most of the time it's other cars." This thing had about 50 pounds of tape holding it together and a 500 pound roll cage that he'd never need nor does he have the engine power with the little engine in there to pull that extra weight.

(Trooper note: Some freakshow uses this as a daily driver??)

Make/Model: Honda Accord   Posted by: Trooper


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#1 1-05-2002 @ 08:26:00 PM
Posted By: MulletPatrol Reply | Edit | Del
Uh, hey Benny boy, last time I checked, most roll cages don't weigh 500 pounds. Fifty, if you've got a really heavy one that's got full supports everywhere.

#2 1-06-2002 @ 01:11:36 AM
Posted By: HatinOnHondas Reply | Edit | Del
It used to have an integra engine in it? Umm.. whats the point? If you are going to do an engine swap.. why not put a better engine in it? I can't tell if this is the 115 hp (LX or DX) or the 127 hp (EX).. but an ingetra only has 140 hp.. so thats like a whole 20 hp difference.. what is the point!

#3 1-06-2002 @ 12:50:01 PM
Posted By: CanadianMike84 Reply | Edit | Del
no shit.. why not get the v6 accord engine?

#4 1-06-2002 @ 01:15:59 PM
Posted By: HatinOnHondas Reply | Edit | Del
But then again.. do you really think the accord engine will fit in the shit-vic? It doesn't even have one of those ugly scoop hoods..

#5 1-08-2002 @ 09:20:33 AM
Posted By: HatinOnHondas Reply | Edit | Del
Opps.. made a mistake.. for some reason I thought this was a civic.. but when I went back and look at it.. it had "Accord" stickerd across the back.. silly me! Ok.. so this is a what.. 97ish Accord. Thats 130 hp.. so again.. they gained a whole extra 10 hp by replacing it w/ the integra engine.. why not the new accord v6 engine! or if you are going to put an Ac engine in it.. why not like the TL or the RL.. people make no sense..

#6 1-08-2002 @ 08:04:37 PM
Posted By: MulletPatrol Reply | Edit | Del
Uh, last time I checked, Integra's had 170 horsepower (GSR trim level) and 128 lb foot of torque, not 140. It's not 200 that the V6 has, but don't forget, the V6 only can hook up to a relatively pathetic automatic transmission, as well is VERY HEAVY (V6 Accords are quite heavy for what they are).

Try to hate less and learn more, kiddo.

#7 1-08-2002 @ 10:02:03 PM
Posted By: HatinOnHondas Reply | Edit | Del
Mullet.. sorry.. they didn't specify which Teg engine.. and I guess the one I was thinking about was the 1.8 ltr 140 hp teg.. guess it would make more sense to put the gsr engine in.. but anyways.. still doesn't make sense to me.. why not put a bigger engine in... but HEY ITS WHATEVER.. its not my beater..
- Don't call me kiddo.. and I did know what I was talking about... so ehh =P

#8 1-08-2002 @ 10:49:37 PM
Posted By: CanadianMike84 Reply | Edit | Del
I don't like the small honda engines, no torque, and well.. I am a torque guy..

#9 1-09-2002 @ 03:37:52 PM
Posted By: GTFiero1 Reply | Edit | Del
i hate how ricers brag about sometimes making more hp per cid. who cares? the point is they still have lss horse power, and they dont get dck for hp if they try to build it up N/A, they have to add a couple of turbos and NOS. ex: ricer" i got 400hp out of my recently twin turboed150ci engine and you got 400 out of your 350" real man:" wow... you must be proud of getting 400hp out of your 2001 twin turbo fuel injected variable cam timing engine, im just gettin 400hp N/A out of my 1968 carbed pushrod 350."

#10 1-11-2002 @ 09:19:32 PM
Posted By: Jjad238 Reply | Edit | Del
ya that isw true i got 409 before adding a blower now i am in the mild 6oos

#11 1-13-2002 @ 07:28:51 AM
Posted By: V8^KLR Reply | Edit | Del
Not true GTfiero1, My teammates '89 civic hatchback with a naturally aspirated, non-VTEC, around 220HP(mildly modded) B20B completely destroy both a 1999 Pontiac Trans-am WS6 and a 2000 Camaro SS at the same time. And correct me if I'm wrong both of those cars come stock with a 320-330 HP rating right? I've seen 300HP talon tsi's take out 454 big blocks. I guarantee you horsepower isn't such a big deal when it comes to imports. I can go on and on, but whats the point? I know from experience.

#12 1-13-2002 @ 08:31:13 PM
Posted By: iMport-TunEr Reply | Edit | Del
25- 30 years ago detroit steel ruled the street... today imports..

#13 1-14-2002 @ 11:11:47 AM
Posted By: BigL350 Reply | Edit | Del
Imports rule the street today? yeah right. Hunts Point in the bronx has one of the biggest street racing scenes in the country and there are tons of imports. When the GN's and modded mustangs show up, it's all over for the imports. All the ricers that thought they were fast get shitted on by the domestics. Do you have any clue how inexpensive it is to build a small block chevy or ford? Hot Rod magazine put together a 300hp 350 for $500. Car craft ran 12's for under $2000. Please explain to me why you would waste your time and money modding a honda.

#14 1-14-2002 @ 12:42:44 PM
Posted By: SuperDave479 Reply | Edit | Del
A '89 Civic - naturally aspirated, no VTEC, around 220HP (mildly modded)? *cough bullshit cough* That engine is not from an '89 Civic then. By lightly modded you probably mean a fart tip right? LOL. A Civic with around 220HP beating a LS1 Camaro or Trans Am? Sorry no. I know from experience also. I smoke cars like that all the time in my 275hp LT1 Z28.

#15 1-14-2002 @ 12:45:07 PM
Posted By: SuperDave479 Reply | Edit | Del
Btw, the only way imports rule the street (besides just a very few) is being the ugliest wannabe fast cars on the road.

#16 1-14-2002 @ 02:14:53 PM
Posted By: iMport-TunEr Reply | Edit | Del
ok go to morpheus, video, street races civic eats corveete or cicvic vs viper. take ur pic. either way the civic wins. not saying there arent wannabe's out there, cause there are tons of them. but for the real import tuners when done correctly usually results in a win. this civic took them in a strait line. imagine on a street track with twisties. name 1 american sar that can perform in all areas give me the price range and ill name an import in the same range that eats it....

#17 1-14-2002 @ 02:32:17 PM
Posted By: SuperDave479 Reply | Edit | Del
I can't tell from a video what mods someone has or even if he has the original engine in there. He could have a turbo and full exhaust, etc. Anyone can make a car fast if they pour tons of money into it. However, there's no way anybody can take an '89 Civic engine that's N/A and "mildly mod" this economy car to beat LS1 Camaros and Trans Ams. No, there is not one American car that can perform in all areas stock and there isn't an import that can either. They can both be modded to do so.

#18 1-14-2002 @ 04:04:38 PM
Posted By: iMport-TunEr Reply | Edit | Del
im willing to bet a stock subaru wrx would take any domestic car on a street track with twisties all the way on up to the corvette. ill even give you a 1/2 mile straitaway in mid track to catch up

#19 1-14-2002 @ 04:16:08 PM
Posted By: SuperDave479 Reply | Edit | Del
Maybe, but put it on a straight road and watch the WRX get torn up. I already had an encounter with one of them. That's what my car specializes in.

#20 1-14-2002 @ 04:27:40 PM
Posted By: iMport-TunEr Reply | Edit | Del
well, ofcource put it on a strait road it will lose hands down.. since the wrx(4 banger) will stay in the twisties with domestics(up to v-8) my import choice for the corvette in a strait road would have to be a toyota supra twin turbo (6 cyl.)

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