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Submitted by: StealthOnFire       Ticketed: Comments: 127 (Read/Post)
StealthOnFire: Was on my way home from a friends house and saw this in a condo parking lot. The dude was parked in the middle of the parking lot. At first my friend and I thought that the pointless wing was a double decker it was so big.
The wing is a tacky flat white and it doesn't look like the Ricer has any intentions to paint it. Not apparent in the pictures but it had a single wiper blade. I rate this at least a 6.5 on the Ricer scale simply because this family car has turned to rice.

It's an Alero! Why would you even want to rice that out?

Make/Model: Oldsmobile Alero   Posted by: Trooper


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#41 4-13-2002 @ 01:04:57 AM
Posted By: CRacer25 Reply | Edit | Del
What's under the hood of the current Viver?A V10 or 12?Whatever it's got it's not enough.600 horses should be no problem with a V10 or 12.If Mopar can't get 600 out of it than they got problems.

#42 4-13-2002 @ 01:19:03 AM
Posted By: Mad Max Reply | Edit | Del
Oh, they CAN get 600 horses out of it any time they feel like it. But there are these little things called insurance, CAFE averages, emissions standards, etc., that keep companies like Mopar grounded in reality in terms of horsepower. Besides, if it's not got enough horsepower stock, there are plenty of nice folks out there who'll take care of that for you. BTW, it's a V10.

#43 4-13-2002 @ 01:20:46 AM
Posted By: Mad Max Reply | Edit | Del
And you don't like the Viper because it's ugly, and you say "Who cares how much power it has".... um, ANY real car guy cares. CoughcoughRICEBOYcoughcough. Sorry, got something stuck in my throat there.

#44 4-13-2002 @ 09:45:12 AM
Posted By: firebird4ever Reply | Edit | Del
Yeah well it's true real car guys care about horsepower, but what's wrong with not wanting to drive something cause it's ugly? Personally I think the Viper is an awesome looking car....but if you don't alright, there are other ways to get 600 horses. Someone earlier was talkin about their 97 Mustang GT, now I'm sure that car would beat mine since I'm not done with my new engine yet and it's runnin' with the stock V-6 (a very very fast V-6 yes, but still just a V-6 **no replacement for displacement**). But still even though that Mustang could beat my car, I wouldn't trade the two. That's because I love the way my car looks, I think it looks better than any Mustang. If you Mustang owners out there don't, that's fine, it's all about personal opinion, so I don't want to start a Mustang VS F-body argument here...... Ok where was I, yeah and I think my car looks better than a Mustang and I have plently of choices for engine mods to make it faster. Even if some Riceboy built a super-fast

#45 4-13-2002 @ 09:46:03 AM
Posted By: firebird4ever Reply | Edit | Del
Civic that could beat my car up and down the strip...ain't no way in hell I would trade him because Civics are dumbass lookin' family cars.

[Edited by firebird4ever on 4-13-2002 @ 09:47:03 AM]

#46 4-13-2002 @ 09:54:11 AM
Posted By: firebird4ever Reply | Edit | Del
Oh yeah btw, I know we all love old-school muscle cars for their power, but does that mean you don't like the looks of em? Personally I love the styling of the old Firebirds, GTOs, Chargers, GTXs, Camaros, Corvettes....and the list goes on and on.

#47 4-13-2002 @ 10:15:11 AM
Posted By: DOMEZTIK Reply | Edit | Del
Go on Firebird.... I feel you there. Have you done any major engine mods to your "bird" yet? I have the TA, but im always looking for more ideas.

#48 4-13-2002 @ 10:53:51 AM
Posted By: firebird4ever Reply | Edit | Del
Nope, I was gonna do abunch of stuff to my V-6 cause it is pretty fast for a V-6, but I changed my mind, now I'm thinking of taking an old Firebird engine, fixin it up and droppin it under the hood. I got a few blocks sittin' around...I'm trying to decide what i want under the hood. The 400 is a stout engine....but then again a 455 **drools**...the only problem with that is I'll probably have to cut my fender wells out (making my car very illegal) and move the battery to the trunk. So I'm kinda stuck between convience and that extra 55 cubic inches of displacement....
What have you done to your Trans Am yet...beens you have a Trans Am you got the 350 and that's an excellent motor...theres thousands of mods for one of those...

#49 4-13-2002 @ 01:10:55 PM
Posted By: Gumshoe Reply | Edit | Del
Lemmie tell ya somethin firebird I do love my Mustang but i would get rid of in a second for a Ram air TA or an SS Camaro I am all about power i just can't afford a new ride yet as soon as i get my wifes car paid for i'll be back in the market and hopefully the F-body will back by then. I am a Mustang freak but i know when to jump ship for bigger and better things. But i really want a Hemi Cuda or GN. GN now thats a real 6cyl.

#50 4-13-2002 @ 01:17:43 PM
Posted By: Mindspynn Reply | Edit | Del
Hey Max. He says," Who cares about how much power it's making." I think he "doesn't care" cause he's jealous. His car can only dream of such power! Not knockin the GT40, I like it, it's really well done, but the price tag is a bit much for me. Hell, even the Viper's tag is too much, but when we get our cars(hahaha) I wanna race you. My stock Viper against your stock GT40. Do you accept the challenge? =)

#51 4-13-2002 @ 01:21:46 PM
Posted By: Gumshoe Reply | Edit | Del
One more thing on beatin Firebirds, Camaros, and Mustangs if you did beat them A. The driver didn't know how to drive for shit.

#52 4-13-2002 @ 01:23:20 PM
Posted By: Gumshoe Reply | Edit | Del
GT40 Vs Viper i think that would be a site to behold! Both are awsome cars with awsome power. Now the Question is can they get it to the ground and keep the ass end of the car behind them?

[Edited by Gumshoe on 4-13-2002 @ 01:23:43 PM]

#53 4-13-2002 @ 05:34:05 PM
Posted By: Mad Max Reply | Edit | Del
Hey, you get a Viper, 'cause I WILL get a GT-40. And then, you're on. Drag race, road course, and tri-oval speedway. Best two out of three. Whaddaya say?

#54 4-13-2002 @ 06:20:58 PM
Posted By: Gumshoe Reply | Edit | Del
I'd pay to see that. Max i'm with you i'll take me a GT40.

#55 4-13-2002 @ 06:21:55 PM
Posted By: CRXtrackguy Reply | Edit | Del
I'd pay to see that, too.

#56 4-13-2002 @ 09:36:49 PM
Posted By: Mindspynn Reply | Edit | Del
Fine. 2 out of 3 will work. Air Force will pay for my car so I'll have it in the next 4 years. We should set this up as somethin for everyone on ricecop to come see. Kinda like a family reunion.(or meeting...whichever.) I'll let you know when I've got the car. =)

#57 4-14-2002 @ 12:23:54 AM
Posted By: HatinOnHondas Reply | Edit | Del
Ok.. whoever said that if i would take an Alero over an s2000 im crazy.. so what.. I would.. Ya'll can say whatever you want but thats just my opinion.. and gumshoe.. since when are hondas expensive to mod? And you can argue all day about which car is ugly/hot looking.. everyone's taste in cars is different.. I think the Viper is sexy as hell.. but its whatever floats your boat yanno?

#58 4-14-2002 @ 02:11:00 AM
Posted By: CRacer25 Reply | Edit | Del
I should have specified about the Viper cuz it's the RT10 or whatever I think is really ugly.The GTS or whatever it's called is the one I'd drive if I had to drive one.It's all about preference.

#59 4-14-2002 @ 01:39:11 PM
Posted By: Skid Reply | Edit | Del
The Air Force is going to get you a Viper? Huh?

#60 4-14-2002 @ 05:22:39 PM
Posted By: Gumshoe Reply | Edit | Del
Sure the parts may be cheap for a honda what a fart pipe these days? 50 bucks, 100 bucks. What i was gettin at hatin is that it takes alot of money to get one performing very well. Where i takes some cars $3000 to be competitive it take others $6000 and so on. Hey mindspynn maybe you could talk the navy into buying me one too?

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