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Submitted by: StealthOnFire       Ticketed: Comments: 127 (Read/Post)
StealthOnFire: Was on my way home from a friends house and saw this in a condo parking lot. The dude was parked in the middle of the parking lot. At first my friend and I thought that the pointless wing was a double decker it was so big.
The wing is a tacky flat white and it doesn't look like the Ricer has any intentions to paint it. Not apparent in the pictures but it had a single wiper blade. I rate this at least a 6.5 on the Ricer scale simply because this family car has turned to rice.

It's an Alero! Why would you even want to rice that out?

Make/Model: Oldsmobile Alero   Posted by: Trooper


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#21 3-04-2002 @ 10:50:26 PM
Posted By: HatinOnHondas Reply | Edit | Del
::::bows::: Thanks =)

#22 3-04-2002 @ 11:35:38 PM
Posted By: carhartt Reply | Edit | Del
Bravo hatin?! Wait, your agruement sucks. You stated that Hondas are slow. Then you went on to say "even if it is fast, like your lil S2000..", so you are admitting they are fast. Then you said Hondas are ugly. There really isn't room for arguement-beauty is in the eye of the beholder, although I see many more people on the road that think their Hondas are beautiful than people that think their Alero's are based on money they put into them. Next, you said Hondas are cheap. A decent new civic will run about $17000, which may be cheap to some or expensive to others. I didn't know you could afford the $90,000 price tag that comes on the Acura (Honda) NSX. I don't really understand your next point. You don't like Honda's because they are too easy to hook up? So I guess one can assume Honda haters like their American cars because they are hard to work on or customize. Your last point is actually a good one. I agree, everone has one. ....continue on next passage....

#23 3-04-2002 @ 11:50:24 PM
Posted By: carhartt Reply | Edit | Del
The fact that everone has one gives people incentive to modify them. Then you moved on to say that the Alero has 200lb/ft of torque, while the S2000 only has 150lb/ft, with no conclusion to the statement. While you can burn out a little better with that increase in torque, that won't make up for the 2 seconds the S2000 will beat you by in the quarter mile. Do I even have to argue that the family oriented Oldsmobile can't keep up with Honda's performance machine. My arguement is mostly not just about quarter mile times-its about how you hate Hondas for no apparant reason. Maybe he was proud of his car when he said "i can smoke any 4-banger", but I am proud of my car too. Just because my car would kill his Alero I don't go around saying "i can kill any 6-cylinder". Then you tried to change your defense for American cars around by saying its under GM which has fast cars-but who cares. I am sure you haven't even driven an S2000 or a nice integra because you would be defending them.

#24 3-05-2002 @ 12:07:49 AM
Posted By: Jiffy Reply | Edit | Del
"The fact that everone has one gives people incentive to modify them".

but they all modify them the EXACT same way.
SAME wheels.
SAME body kit.
SAME wing.
SAME decals.
it can't very well be custom if there's 1000 others in the world like it, now can it?

#25 3-05-2002 @ 12:16:41 AM
Posted By: HatinOnHondas Reply | Edit | Del
I give up. What did I last say? THIS IS ALL MY OPINION.. don't get your panties in a twist dude..

#26 3-05-2002 @ 04:19:05 PM
Posted By: JAXS SILVERBABY Reply | Edit | Del
Please Respond to this some one. What happens if you use Alloy wheel cleaner on polished wheels? Is it bad. We think the detail guy might have used it on SuperDaves wheels.

#27 3-05-2002 @ 05:21:59 PM
Posted By: elanderholm Reply | Edit | Del
I wish my S2000 had more torque, but to take an alero over it...haha..obviously you hatred for honda's has made you insane! :) Have you ever driven an S2000? I have driven an Alero...not quite the same. The only thing that an alero has over a honda S2000 is more seats and more doors. Of course your argument still said nothing about why putting a lame wing on an alero is better somehow then putting a lame wing on a honda.

The S2000 is a great car for the money, but with the 350Z, Dodge Razor, rx-8, used 2002 Z06's dipping into the low 40's, possible VW super car for around $70k...the S2000 will probably not be with me forever. :)

Just for people who don't know. the dodge razor starts at $15k, RWD, 250HP, 2300lbs. Think lotus elise (lotus is helping with the chassis, mercedes is doing the 6 speed gear box) with 80 more HP. :)
pretty good info, but i think the weight is too high on this page. other sources have said lower: http://www.allpar.com/model/concepts/dodge-razor.html
PICTURE: http://www.mrtraffic.com/dodgerazor.jpg
It's a small car, but real performance cars are light and fast making the agile and fun to toss around.

[Edited by elanderholm on 3-05-2002 @ 05:26:48 PM]

#28 3-21-2002 @ 05:41:48 PM
Posted By: Skid Reply | Edit | Del
The wing is ricey and pointless. But the owner seems cool about it, and shows a restraint that I could never show if somebody knocked my car (me and my damn temper). Due to the fact that he is obviously not a riceboy, I'd say this car is not rice, but an Oldsmobile with one ricey feature. Oh, and he could beat certain V8s...stock '80s model F-bodys and mustangs, for example....but that's about it. Oh, and elander, I'm also excited about the Dodge Razor! I would be excited about the Charger, but I'm just certain they'll screw something up on it (like not offer a manual transmission, or make power windows standard).

#29 4-10-2002 @ 09:06:29 PM
Posted By: Blue1989TSi Reply | Edit | Del
oooch. Looks Sweeeet!

#30 4-11-2002 @ 01:51:20 PM
Posted By: Hoopd87 Reply | Edit | Del
First off, a nice, big FUCK YOU to the guy who besmirched an Oldsmobile, and to the people besmirching Oldsmobile. Also, the 3400SFI is a GM engine. You will find it in many cars. As for putting a 5-Speed behind your 3400, good luck, Asshat. One more thing, Oldsmobile WAS/IS NOT the family sedan division.

#31 4-11-2002 @ 06:05:18 PM
Posted By: Mad Max Reply | Edit | Del
Bwahahahaaa.... you called him an asshat. Excellent insult. I shall steal it.

#32 4-11-2002 @ 07:29:42 PM
Posted By: HatinOnHondas Reply | Edit | Del
My hatred for hondas has made me insane? No.. I just don't like hondas.. And how do you know I haven't been in "fast" hondas or acs.. I have.. My friends have a 550 hp crx project beater.. yeah its a light car.. yeah it has a lot of hp.. but does it mean I respect it? Nah.. does it mean I want it? Hell no.. This is all my opinion, im not telling you to agree w/ me.. but I think that technology will never replace raw HP.. there is NO replacement for displacement.. you can argue all you want but its still my opinion. And yes ill take an Alero over an S2000.. "I didn't know you could afford the $90,000 price tag that comes on the Acura (Honda) NSX". If I had 90,000 laying around.. I sure as hell wouldn't buy a damn Honda.. Viper for me.... Dodge all the way baby.. and THANK YOU Jiffy.. Thats exactly what I meant.. And yes Hondas are easier to hook up... Buy any import mag... Flip throughout the pages.. what do you see? Advertisments for about 80 thousand companies that make Honda "performance" ~>

[Edited by HatinOnHondas on 4-11-2002 @ 07:33:53 PM]

#33 4-11-2002 @ 07:31:57 PM
Posted By: HatinOnHondas Reply | Edit | Del
and Honda accessories.. for every 10 Honda aftermarket companies, there is 1 DSM company.. 1 Mopar company.. 1 GM company.. that is why they are so easy to hook up..

#34 4-11-2002 @ 08:45:15 PM
Posted By: Low-Tech Redneck Reply | Edit | Del
Not to mention most of the "mods" sold aftermarket to the ricers are CRAP and USELESS, what do you see? page after page of fart cans, fugly plastic body kits! THe local Pep Boys has a ricer goodies aisle full of stick on "Fear my Honda" badges and muffler tips, makes me laugh whenever I go there for some "Low Tech" engine part, like a new star ring and reluctance coil for my HEI, bravo to Pep Boys for having car people behind the counter, I tried getting one at NAPA and the trailer trash behind the counter glazed over like a supermarket ham when I tried describing it to him. Oh, and whats the first thing you see in a Jegs or Summit cataloge? ENGINE PARTS! us domestic guys acutaly work under the hood

[Edited by Low-Tech Redneck on 4-11-2002 @ 08:46:34 PM]

#35 4-11-2002 @ 09:01:59 PM
Posted By: HatinOnHondas Reply | Edit | Del
10 Points for Low-Tech Redneck

#36 4-11-2002 @ 10:00:36 PM
Posted By: Mindspynn Reply | Edit | Del
Damn, Hatin and Low-Tech summed up what I wanted to say.

#37 4-12-2002 @ 09:56:35 PM
Posted By: Gumshoe Reply | Edit | Del
OK my turn....Firstly Hatin if you would take a Alero over a S2000 you have issues. Second i bought my wife a Alero 3.4L. One word man DOG!!. And the car was very cheaply made. So i traded it in a got a 2002 Jetta 1.8T and it's a rocket compared to the Alero, yet it's no match for my 97Mustang GT. Even when it was stock witch it was when i got the Alero. The Alero had nothin for it. Now that it's Blown with 10psi it's nasty. As for the beatin Firebirds part what year were they? And yes the more i read this post the more ricey you sound.

#38 4-12-2002 @ 10:01:18 PM
Posted By: Gumshoe Reply | Edit | Del
Oh yeah those "lil S2000s" are damn quick. And for hondas being easy to mod your nuts you have to drop a lot of money into a civic to make it kinda quick and the work is a bitch. As for the S2000 i have drivin one and after one look under the hood i decided i didn't want one cuz it was frighting lookin under there. If i wanted a car that i wouldn't want to work on i would buy the S2000. But i like to build my own engines up. Oh yeah i would leave the outside of the S2000 stock cuz they are superb lookin cars.

#39 4-13-2002 @ 12:41:45 AM
Posted By: Mindspynn Reply | Edit | Del
I thought of one other thing, actually one word.....Viper. Hatin, have you seen the scetches for the 2006 model? Very beautiful and they're trying to get 600hp/520tq. I am drooling already!

#40 4-13-2002 @ 01:02:29 AM
Posted By: CRacer25 Reply | Edit | Del
No offense to any Mopar guys here but to me the Viper looks like a big ass clown shoe.Who cares how much power it's making.Although 600 ponies could certainly sweeten the deal.

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