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Submitted by: Jason       Ticketed: Comments: 2 (Read/Post)
Yea, yea.. I know Supra's are fast but this one is special. You've got your standard ricer fare here, decals, big chrome exhaust tip hanging out the back, bookshelf wing, etc.. and maybe this car can back up the look, I don't know. But that's not the reason I'm posting it. Now.. notice how all the other cars are parked? Notice which way traffic is going? Notice something wrong with the way Mr. Supra is parked? Yea, me too.

Make/Model: Toyota Supra   Posted by: Trooper


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#1 1-01-2002 @ 06:19:26 PM
Posted By: Mad Dragon Reply | Edit | Del
That guy does not deserve to own a Supra.

#2 10-16-2002 @ 01:45:04 AM
Posted By: Speedfreak2.0 Reply | Edit | Del
It cost more than those other cars. C'mon now. I get to show those chumps how special I am. I'm an anarchist, I'm original.

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