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Submitted by: Donny Comments: 8 (Read/Post)
This just in: Cars that should not under any circumstances have wings.. let's go to some pictures from the field.

Our first picture shatters the misconception that Oldsmobile's are in fact not race cars. One look at this picture and I'm sure you'll be convinced.

Make/Model: Buick N/A   Posted by: Trooper


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#1 2-05-2002 @ 07:58:22 PM
Posted By: DiRF Reply | Edit | Del
Hey hoopd, just don't get any ideas from this, ok? (What am I talking about, you're smarter than that, I didn't need to tell you.)

#2 2-06-2002 @ 12:14:08 PM
Posted By: JAXS SILVERBABY Reply | Edit | Del
That is just STUPID! Putting a wing on that car looks horrible. It doesn't belong at all!

#3 2-06-2002 @ 01:07:25 PM
Posted By: SuperDave479 Reply | Edit | Del
That wing doesn't belong on any street car.....

#4 2-06-2002 @ 02:25:54 PM
Posted By: GhettoGlider Reply | Edit | Del
another example of wing on FWD!

#5 2-06-2002 @ 03:13:10 PM
Posted By: JAXS SILVERBABY Reply | Edit | Del
That's true SuperDave.

#6 2-09-2002 @ 12:45:21 AM
Posted By: OldSchoolSpeed Reply | Edit | Del
maybe it's a TV antenna...or maybe he's a secret agent with a "standard buick" on the outside but inside it's got more crap than the batmobile.

#7 11-15-2003 @ 10:17:52 PM
Posted By: pimpjuice Reply | Edit | Del
does anyboy know whos car this is well, i do the owner of this car is Josh Column and he was pretty pissed off when he got his ticket. It was really fucking funny because that car is the gayest car i have ever seen.

#8 11-15-2003 @ 10:35:29 PM
Posted By: Obsidian Reply | Edit | Del
#7, all the better! It's good to know that they hate getting ticketed.

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