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Submitted by: BuudWeizErr       Ticketed: Comments: 1 (Read/Post)
Here's what BuudWeizErr had to say: What we have here is a Civic, painted in the uncommon Type R Yellow, with Focal Rims, Altezzas, and Airbags. Very Original. From a distance, one might think that this is a rather clean, original car, however, upon closer examination, one would quickly find out that this car is truly RICE. His first violation? The Wing. It used to be a 3 piece Integra Midwing. However, this riceboy has decided that the two sides are not needed, and thus has used only the center portion, which is of course, the most important. His second violation? Check out his left rear wheelwell. Nice big piece missing. Oh well, it probably wasn't important anyway. The rest of his violations are obvious.

Make/Model: Honda Civic   Posted by: Trooper


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#1 12-17-2001 @ 12:48:31 PM
Posted By: thatbluething Reply | Edit | Del
I give it points for what looks like a nice welding job ( or bondo job since its probably fiberglass). But that does cause a problem since you can't take it back off to repair that chunk missing. lol

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