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Submitted by: Rah       Ticketed: Comments: 0 (Read/Post)
Rah: This car actually looks a lot better than it did a while ago, it use to have red and black vinyl plastered all over it in unusual shapes. However, the fire extinguisher and 5 inch tach along with a shift light the size of a drinking glass mounted inside the car itself is enough to laugh at. It is ever more hilarious when you know the owner of the car, it runs 16's at the strip. Gotta love the beautiful three foot wide Mobil One sticker on the hood though. His windows are tinted, so you cant see the inside of the car in the pics.

I must say that the upside down Acura badge on the hood complements the right side up Honda badge on the trunk quite nicely. It also really does a good job of giving the car that consistent look so many strive for but few achieve.

Make/Model: Honda Accord   Posted by: Trooper


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