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Submitted by: Vicman       Ticketed: Comments: 0 (Read/Post)
Here are a couple of pictures and comments sent in by Vicman. Just as a reminder, when you guys submit pictures let me know if you actually ticketed the car. If you did ticket it, list the offenses and any comments you might want to make about it so I can put it in the accused section.

1993 Probe GT "riced"

  • I absolutely love this dumbasses "sleepy eye" mod on the headlights (no joke, these dorks mod the popups on the second gen Probes to open about 1.5 inches).

  • Note single wiper arm, that's been modded to be exactly in the middle of the windshield, painted white, to match absolutely nothing else on car.

  • Windshield banner that covers full top 1/2 of winshield, so ya can't see traffic signals for one thing I guess, if ya can't see them, ya don't have to stop maybe.

  • Stickers on front side air dams, so theres no question of what may or may not be equipped on the car.

  • Barely visible 1 1/2' tall "shogun" wing on the back too, on a front driver Probe, wow, useful.

1989 Probe GT

  • Note Ford Mustang hoodscoop tacked on, crooked!

  • Note hole cut in passenger side of hood for gadgets that wouldn't fit under the hood, classy!

  • Headlight surrounds painted white, to match the wheels I guess, ya gotta match something.

  • Note grey and white rubber trim mouldings, which almost, as in not at all, contrast with the car.

  • Foot tall Supra wing, whatever for?

  • Super dark tinted windows, and then a cheap, nasty, warped GTS sun screen on the rear window, neat!

  • Plastic white wheels off of a Tonka Toy.

  • Last but not least, the spectacular ingenuity mounting the license plate, by throwing it on the dashboard, it completes the hi-po image!

Make/Model: Ford Probe   Posted by: Trooper


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