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Submitted by: Anonymous       Ticketed: Comments: 14 (Read/Post)
Buying all gray parts when your cars is actually blue, just one of the peril's of being a colorblind riceboy.

Make/Model: Acura Integra   Posted by: Trooper


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#1 7-25-2005 @ 10:36:53 AM
Posted By: 99neon Reply | Edit | Del
Welll, at least it sort of matches.

#2 7-25-2005 @ 10:21:10 PM
Posted By: IloveV8s Reply | Edit | Del
It just doesn't make sense... I mean... I see these cars all over the place... The other day I raced a "suped up" civic, and he barely beat me... did I mention I drive a stock 95 Bronco? lol... 6300 pounds of truck almost beat that little POS... and the guy had the nerve to wave at me like he kicked my ass... hahaha... he didnt even beat me by a car length... THAT'S SAD MY FRIENDS... I just wish there was a way to open their eyes. *sigh*

#3 7-26-2005 @ 12:45:39 PM
Posted By: Officer Dick Reply | Edit | Del
#2, The only way you'll open their eyes is if your Bronco does a wheelie. : P

#4 7-26-2005 @ 05:18:12 PM
Posted By: Subourbon187 Reply | Edit | Del
#2, I know exactly what you're talking about. Everytime I take my Suburban out cruising there's always some Civic driving turd revving his engine at me. Like beating a thirty year old 6000 lb. truck in a car one third the size is some big victory.

#5 7-27-2005 @ 03:48:14 AM
Posted By: Sensekhmet Reply | Edit | Del
#4, Well... If it's the only way they can beat anything at all...
Hey: why don't they race Amtrak on the 1/4th? They're sure to win!
Unless they smoke the clutch/snap a halfshaft/blow their engine that is.

#6 7-28-2005 @ 05:44:00 PM
Posted By: IloveV8s Reply | Edit | Del
#3 it does a wheelie after it comes up from climbing a 45 degree angled hill.... does that count? I'd like to see a civic do that.... heh.

#7 7-29-2005 @ 06:00:19 AM
Posted By: Gearcat Reply | Edit | Del
#2, but you have a car that weighs slightly less than half with an engine 1/4 the size beating you? I think that's notable.

#8 7-30-2005 @ 12:08:24 AM
Posted By: Skid Reply | Edit | Del
#7, I'm going to take a wild guess and say that '95 Bronco has the 351 V8...and it is, as IloveV8s noted, unmodifed. That's 210 horsepower and 315 ft. lbs of torque for that year. Just barely beating a 6300 lb. vehicle that barely has more power than a Prelude SI and then acting like a punk about it is not notable for any reason whatsoever, except to laugh at.

#9 7-30-2005 @ 02:12:04 AM
Posted By: 89Rettagt Reply | Edit | Del
#8, it should have alot mor torque than that.

#10 7-31-2005 @ 09:14:23 PM
Posted By: IloveV8s Reply | Edit | Del
#7 yea it's notable.... notably pathetic.

#11 8-01-2005 @ 01:29:32 AM
Posted By: Gearcat Reply | Edit | Del
A stock '95 Bronco weighs about 4,800 pounds. Where is the extra 1,500 pounds coming from on yours? Oh ... and the 95s only had the 205 horse/275 lb-ft torque 4.9 liter V-8. That's pretty whimpy even hauling around only 4,800 pounds. That's not going to get you 0-60 times of 7-8-9 seconds like a lot of the little Hondas. Unless your Bronco isn't stock like you say it is ...

#12 8-01-2005 @ 12:59:56 PM
Posted By: solid_snake Reply | Edit | Del
Different types of broncos will have different weights, a 4x4 is obviously going to be a bit more weighty than a 2wd model for instance. However there is a little bit of a descrepency here, his profile mentions a '91 bronco (at 5500lbs) while in this thread he says '95 bronco at 6300lbs.

#13 8-02-2005 @ 01:05:40 AM
Posted By: Gearcat Reply | Edit | Del
A stock '95 Bronco is a stock '95 Bronco. 4,800 pounds is middle of the pack. An XL weighs in at 4,587 with a manual and tops out as an Eddie Bauer at 5,121 with an auto. The '91s were lighter yet by about 70 pounds. They didn't weigh 5,500 pounds. The '91s even had LESS horsepower. Something with IloveV8s' testimony on his Bronco doesn't jibe.

#14 8-02-2005 @ 09:15:11 PM
Posted By: IloveV8s Reply | Edit | Del
#13 I recently had my vehicle emissioned. I happened to glance over at one of the computer screens while I was waiting in the booth and notice that it said 6300. Im not lying about the weight, but just to humor you, even if it is 5100 pounds... that is still pathetic.

oh yea and I just got a 95... the 91 is totalled and I haven't changed my profile yet, and on the weight of that vehicle I was guessing.

[Edited by IloveV8s on 8-02-2005 @ 09:16:25 PM]

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