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Submitted by: Ian H.       Ticketed: Comments: 9 (Read/Post)
I particularly like the not-quite-aligned Z3 fenders (or was he trying to go for the Viper look?) Amazing that people can drop so much cash on a car and still drive around with mismatched tape holding up the mirror. To the driver's credit, it did have a boost gauge in the pod on the a-pillar and it appears that he spent some extra for camber correction kits and the car was lowered a reasonable amount. However, the performance enhancements don't make up for the awful taste, the misaligned fenders, and the estimated .15 that the coefficient of drag increases due to the poor choice of a body kit. If you're going to mod a car, at least get a body kit that's wind tunnel tested and will imporve aerodynamics.

Make/Model: Acura Integra   Posted by: Trooper


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#1 8-14-2005 @ 09:24:40 PM
Posted By: Subourbon187 Reply | Edit | Del
You can drive the fastest import in the state, but the moment you decide it's a good idea to cram mismatched pieces of plastic garbage onto it, the word "credit" and "reasonable" go right out the window. Sure you'll get respect if you have a fast car, but if the only way to get people to stop laughing at it is to race them, it defeats the purpose.

#2 8-15-2005 @ 03:16:02 AM
Posted By: Gearcat Reply | Edit | Del
I don't understand it! Intregras handle great from the factory ... why do these idiots insist on making them a worse car by trying to "improve" it?

#3 8-18-2005 @ 11:51:26 AM
Posted By: Low-Tech Redneck Reply | Edit | Del
It's a little known fact that oange tape has a lower coefficent of drag than duct tape, this guy is a genius!!!

#4 8-19-2005 @ 08:53:31 AM
Posted By: Sensekhmet Reply | Edit | Del
Sensible rice?
I've seen a car in similar style: sensibly lowered, nice dimmed tail lights and... a splitter. I mean, I know this is useless on the street but it was a real splitter, not some rice splitter lookalike. Maybe the owner did trackdays?

#5 9-14-2005 @ 11:35:22 PM
Posted By: OldSchoolSpeed Reply | Edit | Del
chances are the car wasn't actually lowered, the body kit just makes it look that way... everyone knows ricers don't know the first thing about camber correction kits.

#6 9-20-2005 @ 02:13:17 PM
Posted By: RobbieD Reply | Edit | Del
"everyone knows ricers don't know the first thing about camber correction kits." Hmmm... do you know about caster, camber, and toe? So, you want your car to have 0 camber. Well positive camber is bad, but you don't get that lowering a car. Now, on to negative camber. Too much is bad, but for performance you want a little bit (-0.5 to -1.1). It's hard on the tires, but if you are willing to pay the price it's really good for the turns. So if the ricer punk lowers his car and does not get the camber kit he may know something after all. Stop being an *ss to every lowered car with negative camber!

#7 9-20-2005 @ 10:26:17 PM
Posted By: Low-Tech Redneck Reply | Edit | Del
#6, Actualy, 99.9% of ricer lowering jobs are done improperly because the resulting camber is horribly off even to the naked eye at several carlengths, so I'd agree that most ricers don't have a clue what they're doing when they decide to take a sawzall to thier springs

#8 9-21-2005 @ 11:02:52 AM
Posted By: rice_reaper Reply | Edit | Del
where did the idea of cut factory springs come from. Do they actully think that making their ride look like something stepped on it will make them "pimp"..fucking wiggers

#9 9-21-2005 @ 02:43:00 PM
Posted By: Low-Tech Redneck Reply | Edit | Del
#8, It's a case of riceboy knowing that all the really tuned cars look like "This" but him not having a clue what that really means

He knows that performance cars have those low aggressive stances, his car doesn't, but hey, if I just cut the springs, now it looks just like a high performance car!

Wether he's a poser going for the look over substance, or honestly thinks that he's just affected the same change not fully understanding the mechanics of a suspention, well, that's for debate, but the end result is the same.

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