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Submitted by: Anonymous       Ticketed: Comments: 12 (Read/Post)
A Firebird with a big wing. Yea.. so, moving on.

Make/Model: Pontiac Firebird   Posted by: Trooper


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#1 4-20-2005 @ 04:03:04 AM
Posted By: Gearcat Reply | Edit | Del
At least it's on a REAR WHEEL DRIVE car where it will serve a purpose other than cosmetics.

[Edited by Gearcat on 4-20-2005 @ 04:04:06 AM]

#2 4-20-2005 @ 08:53:40 AM
Posted By: solid_snake Reply | Edit | Del
Drive wheels do not effect aerodynamic needs

#3 4-20-2005 @ 10:19:17 AM
Posted By: DiRF Reply | Edit | Del

Looks like it's a really nice condition Firebird too...fucking asshole owner.

#4 4-20-2005 @ 02:32:01 PM
Posted By: Gearcat Reply | Edit | Del
#2, Drive wheel position does effect aerodynamic needs. A rear wheel drive car benefits from a rear spoiler because it creates downforce on the driven wheels as you gain speed, dolt. That's why a big rear spoiler on a front wheel drive is retarded.

#5 4-20-2005 @ 03:34:16 PM
Posted By: solid_snake Reply | Edit | Del
So I guess when a FWD car gains speed the rear doesn't need to stay planted? Look at some touring car series, do you honestly think they run spoilers for looks?

#6 4-20-2005 @ 04:25:54 PM
Posted By: Sensekhmet Reply | Edit | Del
#4, ETCC and now WTCC: both RWD BMW and the rest of the pack (FWD) use big "ricer" wings. Who's the dolt now, huh?

#7 4-20-2005 @ 04:27:59 PM
Posted By: 89Rettagt Reply | Edit | Del
#4, by the time downforce becomes important, drive traction isn.t not many cars have traction issues at 100. handling on the other hand... but it inconsequential since many of these wings are cosmetic and arent efficent at all regarding downforce.

#8 4-21-2005 @ 12:28:27 AM
Posted By: RyCe_MuNkIe Reply | Edit | Del
#4, In a straight line, a spoiler on a RWD car would help more than on a FWD car, going around corners on the other hand, does actually serve a purpose on FWD

#9 4-22-2005 @ 09:25:39 AM
Posted By: JapFoodSucks Reply | Edit | Del
anywho, getting off the spoiler/traction thing...that's an old man goin through some kinda midlife crisis i've never even heard of. seems he coulda picked a crisis that wasn't so fuckin painful for everyone else's eyes.

#10 5-02-2005 @ 02:58:57 PM
Posted By: Subourbon187 Reply | Edit | Del

#11 10-13-2005 @ 08:10:42 PM
Posted By: Driven_out Reply | Edit | Del
yay! the car is saveable.

#12 10-13-2005 @ 10:02:37 PM
Posted By: Low-Tech Redneck Reply | Edit | Del
#1, Doubt it'll do anything to help, the forgotten part of the equation is that for wings to work, they need to be aerodynamicaly able to create downforce, I seriously doubt that wing was the product of wind-tunnel testing that makes it work any better than say a chunk of 2x4, and certainly not at normal everyday driving speeds, wings on dragsters, indy cars and F1 cars need a LOT of airflow over them before they have any advantage at all

This is an ugly hunk of plastic ruining a cherry 3rd gen Firebird

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