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Pre-order Ricecop Shirts

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Shirt Details:

  • Shirts come in black only
  • Each shirt is a high quality Fruit of the Loom Heavy Cotton T-Shirt
  • Shirts come in Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, XXL and XXXL
  • Shirts are $22. ($18 + $4 shipping). Baby-doll and XXL shirts cost $2.00 extra ($24 total). XXXL shirts are $3 extra (so $25 total).
  • If you order more then one shirt at a time then shipping is $2 for each additional shirt. All this is calculated into the order form below.


Why am I doing pre-orders for the shirts?

Pre-ordering makes it easier as far as sizing. If I get 2 orders for small shirts, 16 orders for medium, and 100 for XL then that's all I'll order instead having 50 of each shirt made ahead of time and possibly running out or having a large surplus of unsold shirts.


When will I get my shirt?

I'm giving people the chance to order until the end of February. If you don't order by then you're out of luck. I'll be going to the shirt place the following day and putting in the order. It should take about 2-3 weeks to get them made.


Order using Paypal:

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If you live in the United States:

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If you live in a country other than the United States or
you do not want to use Paypal for payment:

Please contact me at trooper@ricecop.com and I will get you a price and/or ordering information asap.


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